• What Technology Has Been Eliminated with Smartphones?

    … found again. James Pelton It’s only fitting that Mobile Text Alerts launch this killer infographic: Cell Phone Serial Killer – The Gadgets being Killed off by Smartphones to celebrate the demise of so many technologies that have been provided an amazing platform in the palm of our hands. Here are 10 technologies that have been killed off thanks…

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  • Best LED Flashlights Review

    … A LED flashlight is a hand held electric light using light-emitting diode (LED). For all general purposes you can use your phone to light up but if you spend more time in poorly lit areas like basements then having a LED flashlight is the best solution. Dedicated LED flashlights perform far better in terms of size, life and brightness. You can…

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  • Best Small and Brightest Flashlights

    … A good flashlight is a must have in every household. Whether you are in law enforcement, security, love camping or simply need one to light the path, you’ll need to keep one handy. With hundreds of flashlights listed on Amazon, how do you choose? Start by accessing your needs. If you are using it for the long range (like a wide area search…

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  • Best Police Security Flashlights

    … Danger has an affinity to lurk in dark corners and a flashlight can be more than just a tool to break the darkness. It can often be a lifesaver in situations where time is of essence. Choosing what type of flashlight you want is a whole different ballgame as you need to pick the right accessories. Tactical flashlights often need gun mounts…

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  • Best USB Rechargeable Flashlight

    … USB Rechargeable flashlights are increasingly gaining popularity because of their performance and cost savings. These mostly come with a dedicated battery that is optimized for the flashlight. There are two main types - flashlights that are rechargeable and flashlights that come with rechargeable li-ion batteries like 18650 and 14500 which need…

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