• How creatives can learn to stop worrying and love data

    … Written by Monika Belur, head of product marketing, Flashtalking. Despite the industry’s move to data-driven marketing, the D word still rankles in some circles. Yet the enlightened know that, if done well, programmatic creative can showcase advertising at its cleverest. More than that, it’s crucial to future-proofing your playbook. “Real…

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  • How DMPs are finally blowing dynamic creative wide open

    … Written by Martin Pavey, UK director, Flashtalking. Lately the conversations I’m having with advertisers are dominated by the huge potential of data management platforms (DMPs). Dreams of one-to-one marketing fuel their excitement, but despite the enthusiasm, many are realizing they don’t have the knowledge or the know-how to extract value from…

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  • Don’t call it retargeting: Why the name gets the tactic dead wrong

    … Written by Dom Satur, vp of sales engineering, Flashtalking. Let’s end the tyranny of the “RE” in retargeting. Those two letters suggest that retargeting occurs only after the real targeting strategy has played out, or that it is more or less just targeting by another name. It’s so much more than that. Once upon a time, the term “re-targeting…

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  • Standing on the garden wall… what does the marketer see?

    … by Flashtalking, Industry Index, and Deloitte Consulting, from over 180 brand and agency buyers illustrates the disconnect between what they want from their advertising platforms and what the can expect to get. The study found that 95% of advertisers think it’s important or very important to have data transparency at a user level; 92% believe it’s important…

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