• Adjusting My Niche Site Strategy

    A few weeks back I decided to ramp up my efforts with generating website income. I had been dabbling in internet marking and niche sites over the last few months but never really committed to it wholeheartedly. It reminds me of the old joke about breakfast: the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed! I guess to “fully commit” to building websites for an income I would ne ...

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  • August 2013 Niche Site Income Report

    I wish I had happier news to report but this month’s results were pretty disappointing. I did spend almost half the month in Fiji for a wedding but even so I was very unhappy with my August 2013 Niche Site Income Report totals. In fact, this is the very first time I took a step backwards in terms of earnings. My actual monthly earnings went from $1,655.51 to $1,421.23, a decrease of over $200.

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  • June 2013 Niche Site Income Report

    … should factor much higher into the overall P/E than the $100 site. I have updated my formula and am displaying more accurate results this month. As it turns out the Flippa sites and “normal” Empire Flippers sites aren’t performing as well as I thought they were. On the flip side the “vetted sites” I purchased through Empire Flippers are doing great…

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  • May 2013 Niche Site Income Report

    I have been a bad boy. Despite setting out with the best intentions I managed to go astray. I really wanted to stick to my monthly income reports if for nothing else at least to keep myself honest with how I am doing. I got involved with stuff at my “real job”, some new niche site strategies, domain name changes, yada yada, etc etc. None of which are great excuses.

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