• Adjusting My Niche Site Strategy

    … it is in terms of using them for back links and passing along link juice to a money site. I think there is also a good case for using an expired domain as a money site itself. In fact there are a few sellers on Flippa who seem to specialize in creating niche sites on top of expired high PR domains and turning a nice profit. Regular Updates…

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  • August 2013 Niche Site Income Report

    … thinking about my approach was an article called “Why Micro Niche Sites No Longer Work” by Ophelie at Flippa. She took A LOT of heat for this article in the comments but I think she raises some good points. I disagree totally with statement “niche sites no longer work” but all things being equal I would rather my portfolio consist of a smaller number…

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  • June 2013 Niche Site Income Report

    … should factor much higher into the overall P/E than the $100 site. I have updated my formula and am displaying more accurate results this month. As it turns out the Flippa sites and “normal” Empire Flippers sites aren’t performing as well as I thought they were. On the flip side the “vetted sites” I purchased through Empire Flippers are doing great…

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  • May 2013 Niche Site Income Report

    … how much I am earning. This will give you an idea of my return on investment. In fact I will produce an actual price to earnings multiple (P/E) and include in the table as well. At first glance the math may not look right for the P/E number because some of the sites were actually purchased in the middle of May. The P/E will reflect the prorated…

    Surfing Pandain SEO Income Reports- 7 readers -
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