• First-party data 101: How self-declared data boosts performance, quality, and targeting

    There’s a revolution taking place in digital marketing. For all its virtues, digital has largely been a discipline based on probabilistic targeting. Marketers track cookies, drop pixels, and craft segments in an inexact effort to target the consumers they want to reach. But thanks to the great duopoly of Facebook and Google, segments are out, deterministically targeting verifie ...

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  • First-party data will fuel the final frontier of digital marketing

    … Jordan Cohen, CMO, Fluent We’re drowning in data. Ad tech scrapes up the tiny particles of information that digital consumers leave behind, then assembles them into an approximate picture of a person. But why bother using probabilistic data, making assumptions about the consumer when you can just ask them? Self-declared data has been…

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  • Fluent: One-Half of Mobile Users Have Never Paid for a Gaming App

    … Customer acquisition platform Fluent released the results of a new survey that analyzed the mobile gaming habits of 1,014 American mobile device owners. According to the report, 77 percent of respondents said they play mobile games multiple times per week, while 46 percent said they play mobile games every day. In addition, 49 percent…

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  • Fluent: 8% of Americans Own an Apple Watch

    … As the Apple Watch nears its one-year anniversary, customer-acquisition platform Fluent interviewed 2,578 Americans nationwide to determine their opinions on Apple’s smartwatch. Fluent found that 197 of the surveyed users (or around 8 percent) own an Apple Watch. Another 8 percent of respondents said they owned a different kind of smartwatch…

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  • How Is Gen Z Using Social Media?

    … position as this generation’s default social platform. In turn, Snapchat and Instagram are leading platforms for Gen Z when it comes to maintaining more immediate and closer relationships. More immediate services, like Instagram and Snapchat, are used to keep up with closer friends, particularly at college. Daily use is also high on these networks…

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