• How to Turn Yourself Into an Idea-Generation Machine

      What is your unique skill? The one thing you're here for to share with the world... well, assuming you have something like this. Sorry. We don't all do. But the good news is that with a little work, we all can build up a skill that has unique value. While some people can't even go to the shops without seeing a business opportunity, others struggle.

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    • Why Entrepreneurs Need to Reconnect With Their Wild Side

      Here on ActiveGrowth, I'm always looking for tools and strategies that will make you a better entrepreneur. Note the emphasis, there: it's about you becoming a better, more focused, stronger entrepreneur. That's a key point. External things like technology and marketing tac ...

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    • Are We Living in the Pateron Era?

      Trends are changing faster than ever before. Most of us still remember life without the internet, yet even what used to be "the thing" online is outdated now. Those who want to keep on growing simply have to keep up. Online advertising, the lifeblood of mu ...

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  • Increase Productivity by Instilling a Culture of Focus in Your Workplace

    … There is no replacement for a skilled, dedicated workforce. But making minor changes to how you structure a workday can have an extremely positive impact on the level of productivity and focus across your business. Attempting to grow a small business can be a real challenge, particularly if you have no notable management or hiring experience…

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  • The Freelance Blogger’s Guide To Doubling Productivity

    … a long time frame to complete a task, we’ll either procrastinate or focus on insignificant tasks to fill the time. Ever spent hours trying to find the perfect image for a blog post? Or, how about re-writing that pitch for the umpteenth time? According to Stephan Covey who wrote the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, there are four categories…

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  • Landing Page Optimization Tips that Increase Conversion Rates

    … page optimization tips: Personas – identify the personas of your target audience and speak specifically to them. Focus – provide a single focus on the landing page and remove any irrelevant information. Headline – The first 3 seconds belong to the headline of the page and will be a primary driver of whether visitors stay or not. Engaging Copy…

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  • A Solopreneur’s Guide To Wiping Stress Away And Delegating Better Today

    … that comes your way. Delegating tasks that slow you down or that you don’t know how to do can only make you more efficient with the tasks you do well. This leaves room to focus on tasks that are important to your business’ growth. So, what tasks do you delegate? And, more importantly, what tasks should you hold on to? The CORES of business According…

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  • How To Focus and Achieve Mind-Blowing Results as a Solopreneur

    … you my secret methods to getting stuff done, and making an impact as a solopreneur. That’s right, I am going to reveal all my secrets, and make your life soooo much easier! Ready? Let’s jump right in… 1. Why You Need To Focus Since reading the book The One Thing I’ve found myself constantly remarking to others, “Remember: the one thing…

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  • Prioritize, Focus and Be Patient for Business and Life Success

    … Do you ever feel as though you are going through the motions, maybe even working what may seem like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, yet the results are not bearing the fruits of your labor? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s how we use the hours that matters most. If you are struggling with achieving real results in your life…

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