Follow Up Emails

  • How to Use Infographics in Your Content Outreach Strategy

    … Are you tired of reaching out to people, asking them if they can link to your content, only for them to ignore you? I’ve been there many times. But through trial and error, the Venngage infographics marketing team (including me) has developed an outreach strategy that works. Listen to this: my team increased our outreach email open rate from 10…

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  • A Beginners Guide To Blogger Outreach

    … So, you’re regularly posting on social media channels and your SEO strategy is at the top of its game, your brand presence however is still not a patch on what you’d like it to be. Where can you go from here? Nowadays, the only answer to this question is blogger outreach. It’s time to forget everything that you do, or maybe don’t, know about…

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  • The Art of Email Follow-Up: 6 Ways Delight Subscribers

    …. People love to get good deals on the things they love, and nurturing your brand’s relationship with consumers who have already expressed an interest in your service or product can drive revenue and increase conversion rates. To effectively increase business and avoid becoming an irritating source of inbox clutter, though, your email follow-up…

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