• How Product Packaging Helps Market Your Brand on Social Media

    …, photographers, lighting experts, stylists and prop designers who all labor to put the product in the best possible light. But what happens when your product is seen in the real world, far from the best possible light? Specifically, muddy indoor light—average household light—and in an authentic context lacking the awesome perfectionism and state…

    AllFacebookin Social Twitter- 8 readers -
  • Selecting Fonts that Make Your Blog Site “Pop”

    … ready for this? It was the fonts! It was hard to believe that it was not something fancy or technical or complicated, but simply a case of well-chosen fonts that were perfectly placed on the site. Ok. It is wonderful that we know what it is, but how do I replicate it? I’m not a graphic designer, even though I am a professional trainer and teach…

    Basic Blog Tips- 15 readers -
  • How to Choose the Right Colors and Fonts for Your Emails

    When it comes to email design, it’s easy to get carried away. You want your message to stand out in the inbox and grab your audience’s attention, but there’s also the risk that you could be going overboard with the emails you create. Consider these two email examples — which would you prefer to see in your inbox? As you can see, sometimes a more subtle design will be the be ...

    Miranda Paquet/ Constant Contact- 23 readers -
  • Free vs Paid Fonts: Finding The Right Typography for Your Website

    … tricky, but hopefully this quick guide can serve as a good place to start. Generally speaking, there are three primary categories when referring to fonts: 1. Default System Fonts 2. Free Fonts 3. Paid Fonts System Fonts First there are system fonts. System fonts include the classics like Arial and Times New Roman, which are default web fonts…

    ROI Factor Blog- 21 readers -
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