• Get Comfortable With Using and Creating Visual Content

    … Visual content has become the core of the social media marketing package. However, any marketer starting out or trying to modify their previous strategy may have trouble adjusting to the new fundamentals. A new e-book from visual media creation platform Venngage provides a road map for creating engaging visuals, no matter the platform…

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  • How Product Packaging Helps Market Your Brand on Social Media

    … essential to quickly convey, product packaging designers would do well to consider font sizes and weights that maximize readability not only in social-media contexts, but in mobile-sized images (which is where most social-media activity takes place). For an example of a product that is instantly “readable,” consider this photo of a box of Cheerios Protein…

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  • Selecting Fonts that Make Your Blog Site “Pop”

    … I recently visited a website and was drawn to it in a way that is not customary for me. Now, I’m trying to figure out what it was that was so appealing about the design. With my own sites, I try to keep them fresh, but also try not to change them so often that visitors start to wonder if they have arrived at the right place! Regardless, I am…

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  • Free vs Paid Fonts: Finding The Right Typography for Your Website

    … Visual content on the web appears in a variety of different styles. From motion graphics and video, to pictures and interactive maps, there are lots of unique opportunities to display images. However we can’t disregard the power of good ol' fashioned text as the primary method for getting the message of your content across. Fonts and typography…

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