• Get Comfortable With Using and Creating Visual Content

    …. The first major step in establishing a bank of visual content is to settle on a style, according to Venngage. And once you decide on a strategy or goal for the campaign–such as targeting a particular demographic or capturing views within a certain industry–you might seek inspiration from other successful campaigns. Consistent fonts, color palettes…

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  • How Product Packaging Helps Market Your Brand on Social Media

    … essential to quickly convey, product packaging designers would do well to consider font sizes and weights that maximize readability not only in social-media contexts, but in mobile-sized images (which is where most social-media activity takes place). For an example of a product that is instantly “readable,” consider this photo of a box of Cheerios Protein…

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  • Selecting Fonts that Make Your Blog Site “Pop”

    … ready for this? It was the fonts! It was hard to believe that it was not something fancy or technical or complicated, but simply a case of well-chosen fonts that were perfectly placed on the site. Ok. It is wonderful that we know what it is, but how do I replicate it? I’m not a graphic designer, even though I am a professional trainer and teach…

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  • Typography Terminology: Apex to Swash and the Gadzook In Between

    …, stems and bowls. Terminal – The end of any stroke that doesn’t include a serif; includes ball terminals (circular in shape) and finials (curved or tapered in shape). Vertex – The point at the bottom of a character where two strokes meet. x-height – The height of a typical character (excluding any ascender or descenders) Janie Kliever provided the second infographic for Canva with some additional detail. Click on it to visit their article for an in-depth view of each. © 2014 DK New Media. …

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  • Free vs Paid Fonts: Finding The Right Typography for Your Website

    … tricky, but hopefully this quick guide can serve as a good place to start. Generally speaking, there are three primary categories when referring to fonts: 1. Default System Fonts 2. Free Fonts 3. Paid Fonts System Fonts First there are system fonts. System fonts include the classics like Arial and Times New Roman, which are default web fonts…

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