• My August 2016 Monthly Income Report

    … up for the month, which is great! There was a larger than normal spend on the team this month, however, and that’s due to several things, including planning and execution for the upcoming course. Big Lesson: Health and Fitness A lot of you know I work out quite a bit. I have a virtual trainer, Jeff (from SPI Podcast Session 228), and beyond our…

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  • My June 2016 Monthly Income Report

    Latest Goings-On in June In last month’s report, I shared that I was working with another company in the food truck industry to bring back to life. Although it wasn’t really “dead,” it was definitely static for a while, with no new content for more than a year. Despite that, however, the site had continued to grow in terms of monthly visitors, and it had a cons ...

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  • My May 2016 Monthly Income Report

    … architecture and scenic views around Temple Square. My city bike with broken gears! Still enjoyed the city though! My Trip to Bluehost Headquarters Since I was in Utah, I decided to plan a trip to Bluehost HQ, which was about forty-five minutes away from my hotel in Salt Lake City. Bluehost is a hosting company—the first one I had ever used…

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