• 16 Tips on Blog Writing and Formatting

    … of salt. And that applies to this post as well. Writing blog posts and formatting them is not a one-size-fits-all deal. There are many factors that come into play, and some tips and “rules” may not apply to you. There are some general practices, however, that will improve your content quality and readability. You may already know some of these…

    Noemi Tasarra Twigg/ The Blog Herald- 18 readers -
  • 7 Questions to Objectively Determine the Quality of Content

    Published 1 min ago 25 It’s hard to measure the quality of your content. It’s not like word count (which can be objectively and independently measured) or format (which can be quickly interpreted). There’s a sliding scale of content quality, and your piece could fall anywhere on that spectrum. Two factors make the quality of content even more important in the modern era.

    Larry Alton/ Relevance- 15 readers -
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