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Forrester Research is an independent technology and market research company that provides advice on existing and potential impact of technology, to its clients and the public. Forrester Research has five research centers in the US: Cambridge, Massachusetts; New York, New York; San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; and Dallas, Texas. It also has four European research centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, and Paris and four research centers in the APAC region in New Delhi, Singapore, Beijing, and Sydney . The firm has 27 sales locations worldwide.
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  • Digital Media Buying Demystified (Infographic)

    … Ad spending and media buying is a complex and confusing system. While spending is up, there are more options than ever before, particularly when it comes to social marketing. An infographic from market research firm Forrester Research and cloud-based marketing and advertising platform SteelHouse examines the challenges in the media buying…

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  • 5 Ways to Leverage Consumer-Led Social Media This Holiday Season

    … and convenient as possible for your customers. According to Forrester Research, 55 percent of online customers say they are highly likely to cancel online purchases if they can’t find fast answers to their questions. To earn and keep customers, start by optimizing your website and your checkout process for mobile. Next, specifically target those…

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  • Social Intelligence Is Changing Market Research

    … the data with other information (i.e., customer data) for richer insights. The data is open and accessible now. Marketers have never been so rich in information, and with more and more data available from a wide variety of sources, the flexibility to segment and filter data and extract segment specific insights becomes critical for marketers. Javier Burón is the co-founder and CEO of audience insights provider Audiense. Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • Internet Users Want a More Personalized Ad Experience (Report)

    … the target audience occasionally but alienate other users in the process. Marketers have so much data available to them, so they should be better are serving audiences the content they desire. It seems that in the current climate, marketers need to learn to watch and listen more to what users are doing, rather than simply serving them more ads. To see all reports in Rapt Media’s The Future of Content series, sign up here. Image on homepage courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • Optimize Campaign ROI With Predictive Social Analytics

    ….” This is particularly poignant when looking at social programs and campaigns. Thinking you know what will resonate or drive success without research is the kiss of death. Launching a social campaign without conducting a thorough social analysis of your target markets, segments, consumers and past campaigns can lead to subpar results. It is critical…

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  • Embracing the Power of Superfans and Social Media

    … on social media, buy from their favorite brands and happily spread the word about products and services, both on social platforms and through referrals to friends. The focus on developing strong relationships with superfans comes at a time when improving customer loyalty is at the top of the to-do list for many marketers. Forrester Research…

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  • Facebook Creates Its Own Micro-Moments With Messenger Bots

    …-Flowers that people can use to order flowers without having to talk to a human being. “You never have to call 1-800-Flowers again,” Zuckerberg told the crowd. You don’t need Facebook to use a bot; but Facebook is making itself the go-to source for their commercial application. And those applications could easily make Facebook more of a destination…

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  • 3 Reasons Sales Teams Fail Without Analytics

    …, charisma isn’t enough; failing to integrate analytics throughout the sales cycle represents a crippling competitive disadvantage. Research from McKinsey, published in an eBook titled Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Marketing & Sales, found that companies that effectively use Big Data and analytics display productivity rates and profitability…

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  • 2016 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Marketer Needs

    … used this function. Mobile Voice Search – Graphic Actionable 2016 mobile marketing tactics: Include a separate budget for mobile search. Make sure your phone number, address and email appear in results. Claim your location on maps. Be visible on search alternatives like Yelp and TripAdvisor. 6. 2016 Mobile commerce (or Mcommerce) Mcommerce…

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  • There is no community on social media

    … in terms of activating people to create some value for your business. In my book The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business, I call this your Alpha Audience — the bedrock of your business. But I believe he is thinking about it the wrong way. Let’s dive into this idea a little. You social…

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  • Seven Conversion Rate Tactics That Increased Sales by $21 Million

    … visitors and initiated hundreds of new orders at a value of more than $300,000. 1. Key Functionality In 2008, Forrester Research released a report titled Small Website Investments That Pay Off. It focused on low-cost Web activities that can have a strong impact on your bottom line. Through two years of hard work, prioritization, and site usability…

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