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  • Online Message Forums: A Tale of the Past, Present & Future

    … this post with other forum owners that you know. You can also support me by sharing a link to this article on your favorite social networking and social bookmarking sites. I have tools below where you can easily share this post via the social internet right from this page. Your everlasting support motivates me to continue to write more and more…

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  • Message Forum Trolls who Keep Coming Back

    …, email address and so on – post it on your forum where everyone can see it along with screenshots of how the person is harassing you. Don’t post anything too personal like credit card numbers or social security numbers and sensitive materials like that. The message forum troll might resort to legal action against you for bringing them out…

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  • Forum Software Developments to Know About in 2014

    … Forum software developments are great new for forum owners because it lets us know about how our chosen forum software providers are making the software better for us. However, sometimes it is quite difficult to learn about new forum software developments because there are so much forum software providers out there and it can become overwhelming…

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  • Forum Hosting Requirements: What You Need to Start a Forum!

    … Forum hosting requirements should be observed before you start a message forum. It is important that the proper forum hosting requirements are made in order to gain maximum success with your message forum. As your forum gets bigger and more active, the forum hosting requirements could increase and you may need to even spend more money…

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  • Community Software: Forum Launch in 10 Days

    … Community software is a big decision to make when launching a message forum. Your community software is what the core technical software is that runs your message forum. You need to really decide when community software best suits your needs before installing it as your official forum community software that you will be using. In this article, we…

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