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In mathematics, specifically group theory, the free product is an operation that takes two groups G and H and constructs a new group G ∗ H. The result contains both G and H as subgroups, is generated by the elements of these subgroups, and is the “most general” group having these properties. Unless one of the groups G and H is trivial, the free product is always infinite. The construction of a free product is similar in spirit to the construction of a free group (the most general group that can be made from a given set of generators).The free product is the coproduct in the category of groups.
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    … Objective: Build email list to 1,000 subscribers by June 2015. 1st step: Build landing page for email list, and set up a form for visitors to subscribe to newsletter.2nd step: Have a free product giveaway created to offer as an incentive to prospects.3rd step: Prepare automated emails and set them to send out on certain days.4th step: Come up…

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    …) Freemium Alternatively, you can keep the initial MVP free forever and use it as a lead generation tool. You provide some useful information to your subscribers and then make them an offer to upgrade to your premium product, which is where all your updates and improvements are released. You can also combine both of these strategies, by keeping a free…

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    … are just a few examples: when a customer makes a very large purchase and you want to thank them with a special discount or free product/service, when a customer has been with you for years and you want to show your appreciation, when a customer takes the time to write to you with feedback, questions or comments, when you make a mistake with a customer’s…

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    … to convert them through a soft conversion. Free trials, whitepaper downloads, and free product samples are good ways to do this. Provide great value to them at no charge— that can motivate visitors back to your core offerings, which is where you collect revenue and tie back value with your paid ads. By following these six actionable tips, you can…

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    … offered monetary payment or a free product review remains unclear for many, with the data showing hugely mixed understandings of what constitutes payment. More than half (55%) of bloggers surveyed said the question of whether or not they would expect payment was dependent on the agency, company or blogging activity in question. Perhaps contrary…

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