Free-To-Play Gamers

  • Report: 0.19% of Players Account for 48% of Free-to-Play Game Revenue

    …, Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve, commented: While the mobile games industry continues to evolve, there’s no doubt it remains dominated by big spenders. As a result, it remains as important as ever to ensure games companies market effectively to the existing player base, both to optimize the experience for VIP players, but also to maximize the total number making purchases. Swrve’s complete report is available here. Readers: How often do you spend money in free-to-play games? …

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  • Infographic: ‘Whales’ Account for 70% of In-App Purchase Revenue

    … Personalized monetization platform Tapjoy has analyzed the spending and gameplay habits of free-to-play mobile gamers, and identified five major ‘free-to-play personas:’ whales, dolphins and minnows, offer takers, risk-of-churn players and new players. Whales are a game’s top spending players, with the top 10 percent of an app’s spenders…

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