• YouTube and the Frustration with Curated Video Content

    … I am starting to wonder if YouTube needs more help managing its content - because such a large catalog with an incredible amount of individuality and variety really needs a personal touch. While some of that is taken care of by a variety of creators in each niche, perhaps it is time that the front page algorithms undergo a significant change…

    Andy Smith/ ReelSEOin Social Content YouTube- 11 readers -
  • Video Marketing Review of the Year: The Top 15 ReelSEO Posts of 2015

    … a post about Facebook’s update on video management, which confirmed that the social networking site acknowledged that third parties too frequently misuse their content on Facebook, in a practice known as “freebooting”. In July, we wrote about a new report from Tubular and Ogilvy which offered brands some strategic insights into how they can get…

    Greg Jarboe/ ReelSEOin Content YouTube- 32 readers -
  • Why Vine Compilations are Taking Off on Facebook

    … from the original creators’ Vine page. Given the current nature of Facebook video, the heavy reward for Day One uploads and it skewing that content toward short form, Facebook provides the perfect opportunity for not just compilation pages, but Vine creators themselves to capitalize from a double posting of their own work. It helps open their work…

    Andy Smith/ ReelSEOin Social Facebook- 11 readers -
  • Why Each Social Video Platform Needs its Own Story Telling Strategy

    … uncover other critical data, tactical advice, or trends in the digital video marketing business. There’s 36 slides in the deck that was first presented at Cannes Lions in June 2015. It makes great summer reading, and now all video marketers can download the white paper below, to find out how to get the best out of a multi-platform social video strategy on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine. …

    Greg Jarboe/ ReelSEOin Facebook Twitter YouTube- 15 readers -
  • Why User-generated Video Needs the Same Protection as Branded Content

    …-generated Video Content: Yes, it's Still Subject to Copyright Law User-generated viral videos - the most organically shared and viewed of all video formats – has long suffered from a neglectful ‘home video’ perception. The stigma -- as often perpetuated by mass media forums -- suggests that content we create, upload, and share is somehow exempt…

    ReelSEOin Content- 20 readers -
  • Your Quick Guide to Reporting Freebooted Videos to Facebook

    … Freebooting. We’ve talked about it before and it continues to be a major thorn in the side of creators. Another example of it came across my desk this week in what may give some hope to creators who are looking for ways to fight this exploitation of their works, specifically on Facebook. The good news is that the freebooted copy was taken down…

    Andy Smith/ ReelSEOin Social Facebook- 11 readers -
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