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    • 10 Creative Skill Set Ideas to Increase Your Income

      Judging from the way that our culture is growing in leaps and bounds, in different directions, it would not be surprising if you are reading this on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. We live in a digital world, and while there are still a few people who may prefer a hardcover book, many people are likely to agree that being able to read the news while “on the go” is thrilling.

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    • On-Demand Labor Solves Problems of Companies and Workers

      There’s nothing quite like not having work. You feel a sick sensation in your stomach and a mounting panic. I myself have had this experience on more than one occasion. But all things considered, I don’t have much to complain about. I’ve never gone through a long period of unemployment, as many people have. What’s more, many who are unemployed also have children depending on them.

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  • How to Get Clients from Social Media to Your Freelance Profile

    … Freelancing is the first step towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to become a successful freelancer. For newcomers, acquiring clients is a major challenge. But overcoming this problem in the early days of freelancing will boost your confidence and help you focus on the needs of your…

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  • Prepare an Awesome Social Media Proposal to Win That Client

    … As a social media agency, you are keen to win new clients. An effective tool for doing so is a proposal that provides the solutions to problems your clients might not even know they have. Many businesses today know they need to be active on social media. The trouble is they don’t have the time, resources, or the experience to execute a social…

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  • How to Engage More Clients from Freelance Marketplaces

    … Freelancing becomes an exciting career when you know how to acquire new clients. The customers who value your efforts are ready to pay a premium for high-quality work and excellent customer service. Acquiring such clients is becoming more difficult due to stiff competition from freelancers across the world. While new freelancers face…

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  • Frugal Living as a Freelance Blogger

    …. You might use the great outdoors to your advantage by beekeeping or growing vegetables. Other options are renting out a portion of your land or starting a bed and breakfast. Fewer Expenses One of the obvious ways a writer who works from home saves money is that there are almost no expenses. There are no fuel expenses or special work clothing to buy…

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  • The Broke Guy or Gal‘s Guide to Starting a Business

    … like They help small businesses find the best loan rates to help your business skyrocket to the top. Be sure you read the fine print before accepting any loan. Work, Work, Work Building a business from scratch is not a walk in the park. It will take time and a huge amount of effort to truly become successful. There will be times when you’ll want to stop, but please don’t. Success comes to those who are patient, hardworking, and creative. Don’t worry. You’ll get there eventually. …

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  • Four Ideas to Start Monetizing Your Blog

    … or consulting. Provide an opportunity for members to get to know and learn from each other as well as you (specialized, premium membership). Give out detailed information, such as workbooks, courses, checklists and advice that is not accessible to the general public. Maybe you have found that connecting with the global population is exhilarating…

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  • Yes, You Can Improve Your Copywriting

    … for producing the most usable and interesting content. Her are some examples, inspired/adapted from While there, check out the exceptional “The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting.” Sound authentic, not forced. Avoid obviously forced humor. Keep headlines tonal and follow with plain, supporting content. Sometimes being…

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  • Richard Branson’s Method To Make More Money By Doing Less Work

    …: delegation and outsourcing in the comments below. I will be responding to each and every one! DISCLOSURE [from Gail Gardner, founder of GrowMap]: I requested Tom write this post to explain how his outsourcing process works because I and many of my collaborators are at the point where we have so much to do that we really need to hire others to assist us…

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  • 7 Ways to Make a Side Income While Working on Your Business

    … their first business. Because of that, small business owners in their first few years search for other income streams to help keep themselves and their business afloat. The following list is several opportunities for making a side income to supplement their lost earnings. Drive For Uber Or Lyft If you have a vehicle, you have an opportunity to use it making…

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  • List of 10 Small Medium Profitable Investment Ideas

    … including writing, WordPress installation, training, social media management. There are even bloggers hiring other bloggers. Through blogging, you get to enjoy being free to work anywhere – even at home – with no worries. It also does not require too many resources in order to invest; all you require is hard work. You can start by choosing the platform…

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  • The Best Ways to Outsource Online Marketing for Your Blog

    … a writer, it is not enough that you review his or her past works. Give him a topic and ask him to write a 500 word article in one hour. The article may be far from perfect but you will be able to gauge how he approaches his writing within a limited time frame. Interview him, but your tone should be conversational. Engage him in thoughtful discussions…

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