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    • Want to Write Faster? 12 Hacks to Help Speed You Up

      Too much work and no time to write? Content creation is crucial for the growth of any blog. But as you grow, so do your responsibilities. Sooner than you think, you’ll start to realize that you have less time to write than you initially thought. So how can you write faster, you ask? I’ve got you covered. 1.

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  • How You Too Can Benefit from These Lucrative Domain Investing Methods

    … Are you looking for an additional way of making money? Making more money doesn’t mean you need to give up your “day job.” Whether you work a nine to five job or are a small business owner, this particular idea works for any situation. What is the idea? It is domain investing. Or another, more descriptive way to look at it is “domain flipping…

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  • How to Effectively Transition from a Corporate Career to a Freelance Career

    …. Taking proficiency tests, such as the grammar and language tests, can help you find work, but finding work is not guaranteed. Cash in Those Favors People want to believe that they started their own home based businesses without any help. While this is true in some cases, it is much easier to start a business yourself if you have some help from…

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  • You Need to Avoid This Freelancing Pitfall

    … not even be aware that you need to get away. But once you’ve taken a little time at the beach or the mountains, you realize after you get home that you feel rejuvenated as a result of your break. The Freelancing Pitfall Now that I’m freelancing, I find it somewhat easier to rest well in light of what I learned as a teacher. However…

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  • On-Demand Labor Solves Problems of Companies and Workers

    … There’s nothing quite like not having work. You feel a sick sensation in your stomach and a mounting panic. I myself have had this experience on more than one occasion. But all things considered, I don’t have much to complain about. I’ve never gone through a long period of unemployment, as many people have. What’s more, many who are unemployed…

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  • 10 Creative Skill Set Ideas to Increase Your Income

    …. A good example is this wonderful GrowMap article by Tim Stoddart: “Why Your Marketing Firm Should Specialize in an Industry.” Skill #2: Game Designer Source: Learn Game Design from Home! Another thing that is popular in our culture is gaming! It doesn’t matter if you don’t play games, yourself (likely you do and may not realize it), the gaming…

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  • How to Get Clients from Social Media to Your Freelance Profile

    … customers. Freelance marketplaces such as Freelancer, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour, provide excellent opportunities for freelancers to work with clients across the world. Many freelancers prefer to stay away from these platforms due to intense bidding competition. However, very few know that engaging more prospects from social media by inviting them…

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  • Prepare an Awesome Social Media Proposal to Win That Client

    … that the social media is not completely out of their hands. Use tools that give your customers access to their accounts. Clients can then get involved from time to time, especially when they see momentum building. For clients to be able to entrust their social media to you, it is crucial that they feel in control. Reporting progress At the end of each week…

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  • How to Engage More Clients from Freelance Marketplaces

    … Freelancing becomes an exciting career when you know how to acquire new clients. The customers who value your efforts are ready to pay a premium for high-quality work and excellent customer service. Acquiring such clients is becoming more difficult due to stiff competition from freelancers across the world. While new freelancers face…

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  • Frugal Living as a Freelance Blogger

    … Freelance blogging is a great way to make money from home. The pay can be low in the beginning, but many of us do make a living with our writing. While there’s a financial tradeoff when you’re a struggling writer, frugal living is definitely worth the flexibility and creativity that being a freelance blogger provides. The Right Place to Plant…

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  • The Broke Guy or Gal‘s Guide to Starting a Business

    … like They help small businesses find the best loan rates to help your business skyrocket to the top. Be sure you read the fine print before accepting any loan. Work, Work, Work Building a business from scratch is not a walk in the park. It will take time and a huge amount of effort to truly become successful. There will be times when you’ll want to stop, but please don’t. Success comes to those who are patient, hardworking, and creative. Don’t worry. You’ll get there eventually. …

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  • Four Ideas to Start Monetizing Your Blog

    … make money offline. Remember, this is brainstorming. Do you have a teacher in elementary school that taught you how to brainstorm? (If not, it is probably time you learned!). One of the aspects (in fact one of the main aspects) of brainstorming is that you write anything and everything that comes to mind. That is why it is ok to write down…

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  • Yes, You Can Improve Your Copywriting

    … for producing the most usable and interesting content. Her are some examples, inspired/adapted from While there, check out the exceptional “The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting.” Sound authentic, not forced. Avoid obviously forced humor. Keep headlines tonal and follow with plain, supporting content. Sometimes being…

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  • Richard Branson’s Method To Make More Money By Doing Less Work

    …: delegation and outsourcing in the comments below. I will be responding to each and every one! DISCLOSURE [from Gail Gardner, founder of GrowMap]: I requested Tom write this post to explain how his outsourcing process works because I and many of my collaborators are at the point where we have so much to do that we really need to hire others to assist us…

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