Freemium is a pricing strategy by which a product or service (typically a digital offering such as software, media, games or web services) is provided free of charge, but money (premium) is charged for proprietary features, functionality, or virtual goods. The word "freemium" is a portmanteau neologism combining the two aspects of the business model: "free" and "premium".
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  • Balancing App Monetization With the User Experience

    … advertising Freemium/free download with in-app purchases Subscriptions Paid apps As such, the developer must choose its business model carefully so that UX considerations and revenue generation can be aligned; and knowing when it’s time to pivot and adjust the business model is also critical to lasting success. Projecting where revenue is going…

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  • How to Archive Tweets

    … Create tags out of your hashtags to better organize and visualize your Tweets. 4. Cyfe (Freemium) Cyfe is a multi-purpose tool that lets you create dashboards and widgets to track any types of data (from analytics to search results). The great part about it that it creates archives for anything you are tracking through it. With Cyfe you can track…

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