Friday Talk

  • Speakers Corner: How I hacked online dating

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  • Friday Talk: Is There a Buy Button Inside the Brain?

    … Wouldn’t we all like to look inside our customers’ brains? And while we are there, wouldn’t it be great if we could switch a button so people would buy from us? Well, maybe that is possible. Because there might just be a ‘buy button’ inside the brain. Patrick Renvoise is co-author of “Neuromarketing: Understanding the buy button inside your customer’s brain.” He is currently serving as Chief Neuromarketing Officer of SalesBrain. He digs into our brains in this TEDx Talk. Post from Bas van den Beld …

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  • Friday Talk: How Airbnb designs for Trust – Joe Gebbia

    … Trust is one of the biggest things in marketing. Built the right trust and people will buy. But how to get that? By understanding who you are talking to. Something Airbnb understands really well. Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb, explains how AirBnB looks at trust. A really inspiring and thought-provoking talk. Post from Bas van den Beld …

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  • Friday Talk: Start with Why – Simon Sinek

    … 15 April 2016 BY Bas Admin Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 19 seconds Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to see the bigger picture. And sometimes it’s good to go back in time to find that one golden nugget. This talk of Simon Sinek is one of those golden nuggets. It’s an ‘oldie’, from 2009, but one every marketer must see…

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  • Friday Talk: What Happens when you Reply to spam E-mail?

    … Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 19 seconds This week in our Friday talk we are listening to James Veitch talking about a topic we all know a bit too well: spam e-mail. And we have all thought it. What if I respond… what could happen. In his TED Talk, James Veitch tells us exactly what could happen, because he tried. Be surprised…

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  • Friday Talk: “Hug Your Haters” by Jay Baer

    …! Combined with our Friday Infographic the Friday will now also see the talks return. One week it will be a talk, the other an infographic. Today we start with a talk done by Jay Baer. Jay is a ‘social media guru’ and well known speaker. He travels the world to talk about social and digital in general, he writes books and he hosts a podcast…

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