Friendster is a social gaming site that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was previously known as a social networking service website. Before the site was redesigned, the service allowed users to contact other members, maintain those contacts, and share online content and media with those contacts. The website was also used for dating and discovering new events, bands, and hobbies. Users could share videos, photos, messages and comments with other members via their profile and their network. It was considered one of the original and even the "granddaddy" of social networks. The service became popular in Southeast Asia and is a major site in that region of the world.
Posts about Friendster
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    …. Socialization is, of course, a universal need. And as long as we’ve had computers, we’ve used them to connect with others. We began with network chat, and moved on to message boards, email and early messaging apps. Eventually, we graduated to more expressive platforms like Friendster, Xanga and MySpace—and only after that began to socialize…

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