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    • ICANN chief to lead talks over blocked .amazon gTLD

      ICANN CEO Goran Marby has been asked to help Amazon come to terms with several South American governments over its controversial bid for the .amazon gTLD. The organization’s board of directors passed a resolution last week accepting the suggestion, which came from the Governmental Advisory Committee.

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  • New Trump appointee slams ICANN after security group shutdown

    … by Donald Trump back in May, replacing Obama appointee Larry Strickling, who left the agency in January. He’s the first NTIA chief since ICANN’s inception not to enjoy the special position of power over ICANN granted by the old IANA contract, which was scrapped in September 2016. Tweet Tagged: abu dhabi, gac, iana, ICANN, ntia, security, ssr-2 …

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  • Concern as ICANN shuts down “independent” security review

    … independent security review. The Security, Stability and Resiliency of the DNS Review, known as SSR-2, is one of the mandatory reviews that got transferred into ICANN’s bylaws after the Affirmation of Commitments with the US wound up last year. The review is supposed to look at ICANN’s “execution of its commitment to enhance the operational…

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  • Egyptian elected new GAC chair

    … Telecom Regulatory Authority, NTRA. Schneider said he was stepping down from the GAC earlier this year, having received a promotion back home that will limit his availability for ICANN work. The handover means that both the GAC and the ICANN board of directors will, from this Thursday, be chaired by Egyptians. The ICANN board will on Thursday…

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  • “We own your name” government tells Amazon in explosive slapdown

    … and scolded Amazon like a naughty schoolchild. She claimed that Amazon had been bad-mouthing Peru by saying former GAC reps had “lied to and manipulated” the rest of the GAC in order to get support for its objection. She then demanded an apology from the company for this. She was speaking in support of the idea that the string “Amazon” belongs…

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  • Double-charging claims as registries ramp up new gTLD refund demands

    … revenue by introducing policies such as the ban on two-letter domains, increased trademark protections, and other government-requested restrictions that were introduced after application fees had already been paid. The tone of the letter is polite, but seems to mask an underlying resentment among registries that ICANN has not been giving them a fair chance to grow their businesses. Tweet Tagged: fees, gac, ICANN, new gTLDs, rebate, rysg, tmch …

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  • Will ICANN punt on .amazon again?

    … policy reasons to keep the gTLD available for possible future use by its own peoples. The string “Amazon”, among its many uses, is of course the name of a river and a rain forest that covers much of the South American continent. But the IRP panel decided that the ICANN board should have at least required the GAC to explain its public policy arguments…

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  • Iran rep reported to ICANN Ombudsman, again

    … Iran’s Governmental Advisory Committee representative has found himself reported to ICANN’s Ombudsman for alleged bad behavior for the second time in just a few months. Outspoken GACer Kavouss Arasteh was referred to Ombudsman Herb Waye by consultant John Laprise, according to posts on mailing lists and social media. Both men serve…

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  • Governments slammed for overreach as Amazon wins gTLD appeal

    … by ICANN’s new gTLD program rules because it does not match the name of an administrative region of any country. Regardless, Brazil and Peru said that to give .amazon to Amazon would prevent it being used in future by citizens of the informal South American region. GAC consensus was reached only after the US government, for political reasons…

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  • US “threatens” Costa Rica over Pirate Bay domains

    …, one of the Pirate Bay’s founders launched a piracy-friendly domain registration service. Just this week, the European Court of Justice ruled, after seven years of legal fights, that the Pirate Bay infringes copyright, raising the possibility of the site being blocked in more European countries. The letter is dated June 6. It had not yet been published by ICANN or the GAC. Tweet Tagged: .cr, commerce, copyright, gac, iana, ICANN,, ntia, piracy, the pirate bay …

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  • Country names to finally be released in new gTLDs

    … It looks like hundreds of domain names matching the names of countries are to finally get released from ICANN limbo. The ICANN board last week passed a resolution calling for the organization to clear a backlog of over 60 registry requests to start selling or using country and territory names in their gTLDs. Some of the requests date back…

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  • Iran reported to Ombudsman after new gTLD conspiracy theory

    …, Arasteh said in an email: “If you insist, I interpret that this is an effort to EXCLUDE GAC TO ATTEND THE PDP.” In other words, he was accusing the WG leaders from trying to exclude governments from helping to develop the rules of the new gTLD program. Doria responded that she took the tone of the remarks as “abusive”, adding: since my motives have…

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  • ICANN loosens Whois privacy rules for registrars

    … enforcement proceeding. ICANN already allows registrars to request waivers from the data retention provisions of the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement — which require the registrar to hold customer data for two years after the customer is no longer a customer. Dozens of European registrars have applied for and obtained this RAA opt-out. Tweet Tagged: data retention, gac, ICANN, law enforcement, privacy, whois …

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  • Government anger over two-letter domains

    … Brazil, Iran, China and the European Union are among at least 10 angered that the names are either not adequately protected or only available for exorbitant prices, The debate got very heated at ICANN 58 here in Copenhagen on Wednesday morning, during a public session between the GAC and the board, with Iran’s outspoken GAC rep, Kavous Arasteh, almost…

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  • Schneider quits as chair of GAC

    … ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee is looking for a new chair. Incumbent Thomas Schneider intends to leave the role before his current two-year term expires, he told GAC members assembled here at the ICANN 58 public meeting in Copenhagen this afternoon. Schneider said that his boss at the Swiss government agency at which he works…

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  • Get ready for thousands of new two-letter domains

    … board of directors reached its decision. The ICANN board yesterday passed a resolution that will unblock all two-letter domains that match country codes appearing on the ISO 3166 list, most of which are also ccTLDs. While the resolution gives some protection to governments worried about abuse of “their” strings, it’s been watered down…

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