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Generation Z is one name used for the cohort of people born after the Millennial Generation. There is no agreement on the exact dates of the generation with some sources starting it at the mid or late 1990s or from the mid 2000s to the present day. This is the generation that is currently being born.
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    • Less Than Half of Baby Boomers Like Seeing Diversity in Ads

      In 2013, Cheerios released an innocuous commercial featuring an interracial family at the breakfast table. Within a few days, YouTube disabled the comments section for the video after viewers made references to Nazis, “troglodytes,” and “racial genocide.” While it seems like Americans have become more open-minded on race and gender over time, it’s clear that not everyone likes ...

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  • How Is Gen Z Using Social Media?

    … Generation Z is starting to come into its own and distinguishing itself from other generations. Very often we hear talk about millennials using social sites, but Gen Z should be your focus if you’re trying to capture viewers and users in emerging markets. A report from market research firm Fluent examines the online activity of Gen Z, along…

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  • If You Want To Really Reach Gen Z, Snapchat Is The Way

    … as a marketing platform. However, according to Lynn Morton, strategy director at the R2Integrated marketing agency, thus far, publishers are the only ones that have truly gone “all in,” particularly on the Discovery channel. She admitted that Snapchat is still new for most marketers adding: Snapchat has a huge userbase. The platform tends to skew…

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  • Cracking the Code to Understand Gen Z

    …. As a result, they are a cautious and realistic generation. They have a strong sense of personal brand and an innate understanding of the risks and rewards of living in a constantly connected world. While many of today’s teens grew up wanting to be on Facebook, by the time they were old enough to have one – it was crowded. It wasn’t the obvious place…

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  • What’s the Difference Between Gen Y and Gen Z? (Infographic)

    … Internet and social media use varies across generational boundaries. Marketers and networks realize that capitalising on a core audience at a young age can have a big impact on long term retention and loyalty. A recent report from Refuel Agency examines trends among Gen Z and Gen Y Millennials. Much like older millennials, Gen Z survey…

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  • 21 Content Marketing Predictions for the 2nd Half of 2015

    …, some brands will take a crack at editorial independence. Only one or two will do it well. —Joe Lazauskas, Editor-in-Chief (Tweet this!) And ROI 8. Companies will get more focused and accurate about defining just how much quality content is worth beyond strictly financial metrics. Content marketers will start looking at many of the same brand…

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  • Bae, is your social media strategy on fleek?

    ….” The question, though, is whether it makes sense for brands to go down that road — and at what point they begin to risk looking ridiculous. Brands tend to think of teens and millennials as a species unto themselves. An internal training document from Target that Gawker got its hands on last week gives some indication of how brands look at generational…

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  • Snapchat COO Emily White Covers Generation Z at #FordNAIAS

    … Z’er) Davis Barrow. White, Rojas, and Barrow discussed making way for “Gen Z,” which is anyone currently under the age of 21. As the event started, it was stated that Gen Z’s mantra is “Good things come to those who act…” which means that these budding entrepreneurs, professionals, and decision makers will likely lead companies and conduct…

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