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  • How To Set Up Our 100x ROI Tool On BigCommerce

    … So you have have a successful BigCommerce store that is churning away and you’ve stumbled across our post about getting a 100x ROI in your store. You were intrigued, you reached out and we got you started with our Snake Charmer tool, now here you are. It’s set up time. Let’s do this. Step 1: Navigate to your “Storefront Design” Step 2: Visit…

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  • Conversion Rates for eCommerce sites – Industry Stats

    … by the number of site visitors. In a previous post (maybe a bit of a rant), we talked about average ecommerce site conversion rates. We explained that the average conversion rate for ecommerce sites is about 2-3%. We also told you that average isn’t your goal. Your site’s goal is to convert more than the average amount of customers. Your very success…

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  • Which Social Media Site is Best For Your Landing Page?

    The world of social media is heavily populated and still growing. With contenders ranging from the well-established behemoths to the promising newcomers, picking the right site for your business is tricky. Signing up for all of them is overkill, so you need to narrow down your options and focus on the few that best suit you and your landing page.

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