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    • Building Indexable Progressive Web Apps

      Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are taking advantage of new technologies to bring the best of mobile sites and native applications to users -- and they’re one of the most exciting new ideas on the web. But to truly have an impact, it's important that they’re indexable and linkable. Every recommendation presented in this article is an existing best practice for indexability -- regar ...

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  • First Click Free update

    … the FCF is important in helping achieve that goal, and we will periodically review and update these policies as needed so they continue to benefit users and publishers alike. We are listening and always welcome feedback. Questions and answers about First Click Free Q: Do the rest of the old guidelines still apply? A: Yes, please check…

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  • Five ways to grow your business this Small Business Week

    … or join this week: Share your tips for summertime business success and we'll feature your tip in front of an audience of 400K members. 3. WORK BETTER, TOGETHER: With professional email, calendars, and docs that you can access anywhere, Google Apps for Work makes it easy for your team to create and collaborate. When you sign up this week you’ll…

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  • Webmaster Academy now available in 22 languages

    … Webmaster level: Beginner Today, the new Webmaster Academy goes live in 22 languages! New or beginner webmasters speaking a multitude of languages can now learn the fundamentals of making a great site, providing an enjoyable user experience, and ranking well in search results. And if you think you’re already familiar with these topics, take…

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  • Introducing the new Webmaster Academy

    … Webmaster level: Beginner Our Webmaster Academy is now available with new and targeted content! Two years ago, Webmaster Academy launched to teach new and beginner webmasters how to make great websites. In addition to adding new content, we've now expanded and improved information on three important topics: Making a great site that’s…

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  • 3 tips to find hacking on your site, and ways to prevent and fix it

    … and fix the problem as soon as possible. We want webmasters to keep their sites secure in order to protect users from spammy or harmful content. 3 tips to help you find hacked content on your site Check your site for suspicious URLs or directories Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your site by performing a “site:” search of your site…

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