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  • Why I’m Deleting 13,000+ Email Subscribers This Week

    … content can be one of the most vital aspects of your blog – and it’ll help you survive and grow your business for the long term. So, why are you deleting subscribers then? It’s crazy to delete so many subscribers if they are that valuable, right? Well, yes and no. You see, a successful mailing list is not just about the number of subscribers, it’s…

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  • This One Trick Doubled My Email Sign Ups. Copy it.

    … for the first time (as in, you don’t have any cookies on your computer) you’ll see a pop up appear when you try to leave the site. This is the bit that I think some people won’t like. The pop up only appears when you put your mouse near the “back” button or the little “x” that closes the window. That’s called an exit intent. I’ve set it up so…

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