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  • 7 Things Google Wants to See on Your Blog

    … from the search giant. In this post I’m going to talk about a few things Google really wants to see on your blog. Hopefully this will help you get more traffic by thinking about SEO a little bit differently. SEO has changed… sort of The art of search engine optimization has changed a lot since I first started blogging. Every year Google…

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  • How to Ensure Your Next Post Gets Seen by Thousands of People

    … strategy: If done correctly, this will give you a dramatic boost in traffic as you start to see people share your guest post, the post you linked to, and maybe a boost in the organic search rankings which leads to yet more traffic. 6. Create expert discussions around the topic you’ve written on Another way you can get influencers to notice…

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  • How To Use Hittail To Find Keywords For Your Business

    … with a lot of leeway to make mistakes. This is what started to get me thinking about Hittail – The Long Tail Keyword Tool from Rob Walling. I first learned of Hittail through Rob’s awesome presentation at MicroConf about how he 10xed his revenue in 15 months. Rob Walling – How to 10x in 15 months If you haven’t watched this, I highly recommend…

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  • Boring Feature On The Warrior Forum That Will Increase Blog Traffic

    Want To Increase Your Blog Traffic? First I want to apologize for not sharing this sooner with you. But this has been one of those things I have done for so long to promote my new blog posts that I don’t even think about it, I just do it and keep moving. It wasn’t till maybe a year ago where I thought… “shit this has been working for so long, I need to share it” Yet more im ...

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  • How To Master Google Analytics

    …, if you’re from the United States it’s likely that nearly all the traffic is going to speak English. However, once you begin to grow you’ll notice that there are people searching from other countries landing on your page and if the volume of traffic in another language gets large enough, it may be worth considering translating that page or your…

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