Getting Buy In

  • Get Buy-In From Executives With These 6 Common-Sense Reasons

    … You’ve made a solid business case for your new content marketing effort. You’ve collected the best statistics, trends, and examples to secure executive buy-in. You’re good to go. But then, when it comes to strategy and execution, you’re getting pushback on any content that isn’t strictly focused on promoting products and services. It’s like…

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  • The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017

    … I’ve spent the last 12-plus months talking with enterprise marketers from around the globe to get a handle on where the content marketing industry is going. Through that process, in combination with our ongoing research, the CMI team puts together the schedule for Content Marketing World 2016. Here are what I believe are some of the biggest…

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  • The Content Marketing Book of Answers: Strategy & Planning

    … the way. Let’s start with some considerations we hear marketers asking about all the time: How to manage the strategic planning process. Content marketing strategy Q: How do we get started? The first step in getting started with content marketing is so simple that it often gets overlooked: You need to make sure you have a clear definition of what…

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  • Your CEO Needs These 4 Content Marketing Metrics

    …. They can help you – the marketer – understand what type of content is resonating with buyers. And they can help your CEO make customer-centric decisions. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: How to Measure Engagement the Right Way Conclusion Don’t waste your CEO’s precious time with metrics that are meaningless. Provide metrics that truly demonstrate how…

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  • The Secret to Content Marketing ROI

    Questions about content marketing ROI are probably the ones I hear most from marketers who are struggling to build their own business case internally. We know our customers are turning out advertising. And we know that as consumers, we are all consuming more information online. We are looking to get informed and we are looking to be entertained. We don’t care where the content comes from.

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  • 4 Steps to Get Executive Buy-In for B2B Content Marketing

    … B2B buyers are, on average, 57% of the way through the decision-making process before they speak with a salesperson, according to research by CEB. Content marketers have a huge opportunity to help guide prospects in the first half of their journey and ensure that their company is on the short list for the first conversation with sales. B2B…

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  • Is ROI Really What You’re Looking For?

    …. Despite whichever half might be working best. RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: The One Ingredient Your Content Marketing Program Is Missing How to Win Your Battle for Content Marketing Buy-in [50+ Stats] This article originally appeared in the August issue of Chief Content Officer. Sign up to receive your free subscription to our bi-monthly print magazine. Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute The post Is ROI Really What You’re Looking For? appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. …

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  • How to Guarantee Internal Buy-in for Your Big Content Projects

    … Marketers need to ask their fellow C-level colleagues: “Do we want to be spending money on creating average marketing that gets lost in the noise, or on investing in a voice, brand, and knowledge platform that are a cut above everyone else?” The answer is obvious – no smart leader would ever pick the “noise” option. And yet, buy-in for content…

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  • Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy with a One-Page Plan

    … produced based on company or product margins Targeted return ROI for content marketing Work toward a straightforward understanding with your executives – a simple and scalable marketing model. For instance, I reached this understanding with a CFO: For every $3 in revenue generated by marketing, the company would spend an additional dollar…

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  • Start Small To Show Content Marketing Value to Your C-Suite

    … program but face reluctance, don’t waste time creating big plans and trying to sell the concept. Instead, jump in, start small, and show some early results. The support will follow. Here are a few ideas to catch the eye of your C-suite and build momentum, without requiring large-scale resources or buy-in up front. Co-create some great stories with your…

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