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  • What Are Topic Clusters? (& Why Do I Need Them Anyway?)

    … As a marketer, I’m sure you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your content, ways to increase your organic search traffic, and ways to drive target qualified leads to your website. Unfortunately, search engines are tricky, and figuring out how they work can give any digital marketer a severe headache. With algorithms constantly changing…

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  • What is Amazon Spark (& How Can Marketers Use it?)

    … Amazon Spark was released earlier this month putting the online giant into yet another digital space -- social networking. Only available on Amazon’s mobile app, Spark is a place for users to share photos of different products they’ve tried or are selling via the Amazon Marketplace, and explore suggestions…

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  • How to Get Your Website to Show Up on Google

    …? Write content that directly addresses the problems, interests, and questions of your customers. Make sure to use the right keywords that are relevant to your audience. Keywords are the same words people are typing into search engines. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Moz’s Keyword Explorer to see the search volume and competition…

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  • 50 Optimization Tips For Google AdWords Success [Infographic]

    … Depending who you ask, Google AdWords can be one of the best advertising platforms you’ve ever used in terms of ROI, or one of the biggest wastes of marketing budget. And if I’m honest, both statements are true. You see the thing is, that if you don’t set up an AdWords campaign correctly, or optimize it accordingly, then you can be sure…

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  • 7 Common Video Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Must Avoid

    … I’m sure you’ve heard it time and time again, but it’s important - incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy is an absolute necessity. But like most things we need in life, it doesn’t always come easily. With that being said, you can no longer avoid video marketing, in fact, you should embrace it. Reports suggest by 2019 80…

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  • How to Get Even More Out of Your "Unicorn" Content

    … Blogging is no doubt the cornerstone of inbound marketing. We all agreed on that a few years ago -- but things have changed since then. It’s not longer just about writing blogs; You have to write blogs that have certain keywords, are of a certain length, are chock-full of images, link out to reputable sources, link to your own reputable sources…

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  • Marketing School: The Marketer’s 7-Point Checklist to Advanced SEO

    Let's be real. SEO is not an easy concept, right? For me, it was something I never enjoyed learning, implementing, or trying to improve, but it's so important. Optimizing your website pages means you're actively trying to make it easier to understand and get found by both your visitors and search engi ...

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  • 7 Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Website

    … See the man in the photo above? He’s what we millennials would call “ballin’ on a budget.” I don’t know about you, but I want to be ballin’. Unfortunately, we all have budgets, especially when it comes to spending money on our websites. So, in order to make our big budget visions happen, we have to make the most with what we have. Let’s talk…

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  • How to Create a High-Ranking, Super Search-Friendly URL [Infographic]

    … When we marketers think about search engine optimization (SEO), our minds usually go straight to the written word. How can we squeeze our focus keyword into our content? Is it in our alt-tags? How about our title? Once we’ve checked all these proverbial boxes, we figure we’re good to go, but there’s one little field many of us overlook before…

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  • 9 Google AdWords Mistakes Everyone Makes (& How to Rectify Them)

    … No matter how long you’ve been using Google AdWords you’ve probably made mistakes in the past or may be making some right now without even realizing it. Some mistakes may be small and when corrected may only help make your life easier, but then there are those crucial mistakes that could be costing you your whole PPC budget. To help your…

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  • 6 Social Media Trends You Can’t Ignore This Year [Infographic]

    … “These days, social media waits for no one. If you’re LATE for the party, you’ll probably be covered by all the noise and you might not be able to get your voice across.” - Aaron Lee Like any modern marketing strategy worth your time, social media is always evolving and improving the way brands interact with consumers. Typically used…

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  • How to Repurpose Your Content on Other Platforms

    … Once you’ve been blogging for business a number of years you may find yourself struggling to come up with new or ideas or wishing you could get more out of it. . Luckily, there’s a way. Repurposing your older content onto other platforms is one of the best ways to take advantage of all of your hard work. With repurposing you can give your older…

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