• How to Easily Create a Facebook Loop Giveaway

    … Looking for a new way to expand the reach of your Facebook page? Wondering how collaborating with other pages can help? Partnering with other businesses on a Facebook giveaway can help you build your fan base, while engaging your primary audience. In this article, you’ll discover how to host a Facebook loop giveaway in four easy steps…

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  • 33 Ways You Can Increase Social Media Engagement with Your Brand

    … are running out on a product – fear-of-missing-out will help you get more clicks on your posts. When you tweet or reply to a post, use animated GIFs. GIFs are inherently funny and get people to like/comment on them (more engagement). Ask for feedback (on some product you’re working on) and ideas (for new products that people want). It’s surprising…

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  • Why That Giveaway Is A Terrible Marketing Idea

    … Just about every marketer has been there. “Our numbers are looking a little low this month. We need to do something to boost sales.” *Lightbulb* “Let’s run a giveaway!” “That’s perfect. The new iPhone just came out, so we can give one of those away.” I’ve been in this situation myself, which is why I feel that I’m qualified to look back and say…

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  • Divi 2.4 Launch Giveaway: 10 Free Memberships from ElegantThemes

    … 0Reactions Divi 2.4 Launch Giveaway: 10 Free Memberships from ElegantThemes Super exciting news; the guys over at ElegantThemes has launched the biggest update for Divi theme just now, and they are offering a cool giveaway. You can win one of 10 free ElegantThemes memberships. Read all about the new Divi 2.4 here. How about getting Divi 2.4…

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  • Can We Get 10,000 Email Addresses In 2 Weeks?

    … people have signed up in the first week. And the prizes are valued at over $6500. So it is kinda confusing, right? Who doesn’t want free and amazing stuff? A lot of people it would seem. But maybe we need a new approach? With Your Help We Can Prove That It’s Possible! The trick to getting a giveaway to work is to have it go kinda viral. You know…

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  • How Can Viral Giveaways Explode Your Email List?

    … in the mysterious world of marketing, there are no guarantees. That is a given. And “viral” is only a sure thing during Winter when you get a cold :> We are trying a giveaway right now and can’t share the results with you yet. But here are some results people have had with this plugin recently: Nearly 200k subscribers in 11 days Not Nearly…

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