• While We’re Going After Fake News, How About Ad Scams, Too?

    …. Actually, it was nothing of the sort, and it pointed to a landing page for Flipper, an energy-switching company. Beonpush, meanwhile, has been described as a Ponzi scheme, but that hasn’t prevented the company from gaining high visibility on Facebook. Scam ads are just part of the problem, and the issue exists outside of Facebook. The internet…

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  • Why Stories Are a Losing Battle in Instagram’s War with Snapchat

    …? That could be a tougher sell. Bottom line With Stories, Instagram made it clear that it is trying to cut down Snapchat by imitating its features. However, because of Stories’ questionable advertising potential, Instagram’s shifting demographics and Instagram’s reputation as a curated platform, Instagram may find that it will have to get more creative to compete. Patrick Kirby is vice president of accounts and sales at video advertising company GlassView. …

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  • The Summer Olympics Are Not Winning Gold on Social Media

    … and energy by drastically shortening its list, embracing the fact that it will never be able to control the conversation on social media and sitting back and enjoying the spectacle of the games, just like the rest of us. Sharon Lin is the global operations team lead at video advertising company GlassView. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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