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  • High Dollar Learnings from Affiliate Summit West 2017

    … by the right person can produce results long after the initial posting. Knowing an influencer’s audience and understanding their motivation is key to finding impactful, long-term partners. Emerging Global Markets The Asian Pacific (APAC) region presents an incredible opportunity for savvy affiliate marketers. China’s digital and mobile advertising spend…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Companies Are Taking Their Affiliate Program Global

    Affiliate marketing has proven to be an effective channel for creating brand awareness and gaining new, incremental customers. These attributes are just a few reasons why savvy advertisers want to leverage their affiliate program when they expand internationally into new markets. In addition to its proven track record, here are five reasons why more companies are putting time ...

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  • Infographic: Affiliate Marketing by the Numbers

    Affiliate marketing has become one of the most effective online marketing tools for e-commerce companies across the US and abroad. In fact, over 80% of brands utilize affiliate marketing as part of their marketing mix. With a performance-oriented focus, affiliate marketing can deliver the ...

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  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Taking Your Affiliate Program Global

    E-commerce is growing around the globe. From India and Mexico to Poland and Nigeria, the internet is starting to play a larger role in retail. Savvy brands are taking advantage of this trend, expanding into new markets and introducing completely new customers to their products. Taking any marketing channel abroad has its difficulties, but affiliate marketing is one of the most challenging.

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  • Five Things to Consider Before Taking Your Affiliate Program Global

    These days lots of retailers who are very successful in their native countries are looking to take their business abroad. For many e-commerce companies, affiliate programs are a major revenue driver and merchants anticipate they will be a key component of global expansion. Though technology has made it easier than ever to operate a global business, there are still many potential pitfalls.

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  • North American Stumbling Blocks for European Programs

    … This article originally appeared in FeedFront Magazine. As the world of online retail grows increasingly global, many European merchants are looking to expand to the mega market of the United States and Canada. However, many of these companies have stumbled with their affiliate programs as they cross the pond. Why? One likely factor…

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