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  • Paying It Forward to Future Generations of Global Marketers

    … to see things that people can’t see. 8. Will it be necessary for me to start studying about different types and strategies of marketing though books? I’d actually advice that you read less, do more. Don’t take me wrong; you should read. However, I would like emphasizing “doing.” Walk into an agency and ask them if they can hire you as a copy…

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  • Tactics for Promoting Content Across Regions

    … be the best way to go in China. For new markets, you need to experiment with different promotional tactics to determine an optimal mix of marketing channels. Regardless of the promotional tactics, global content marketing promotion needs collaboration between the headquarters and the local teams or, for smaller companies, coordination with local…

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  • How to Enter the U.S. Market Using Content

    …, eBooks and infographics. You have to start somewhere, so start with an educated guess about who your target market niche is. 2. Choose Your Unique Point of View Don’t be afraid to take a stand, make a statement, and have a unique point of view. Or as sales guru John Costigan likes to say: “Be different. “ I work with a lot of outsourcers from Latin…

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  • Global Content Marketing – Book Review

    … as well as the application of big data to personalization and user experience complete with a reference to the movie Minority Report. In summary, Global Content Marketing satisfies an essential need for any international business that seeks to establish content marketing operations on a global scale. From planning to production to perfecting…

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  • The 4 P’s of Global Content Marketing

    … and country teams to create a global content marketing strategy that aligns target audiences, key success metrics, priority coun­tries, and strategic editorial topics with your business objectives. Alignment of objectives and strategy is vital because it dictates con­tent creation, promotion and measurement. Produce: Create content that matters Develop…

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