• What Marketers Should Know About Instagram’s Shoppable Photo Tags

    … in handy, that are native. And today, the mobile phone is a native thing for our human behavior. Installing Facebook, Instagram, email or Spotify is something we do natively with our mobile phone. Charging it every day (or multiple times) because we need it is a native behavior. Being native is hard work, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. So how…

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  • 37% of Instagram Users Have Watched Videos (Infographic)

    … Featured Jobs Community Manager Greatist New York City, New York Marketing Communications Specialist Action for Healthy Kids Chicago, Illinois Social Media Manager The Talent Magnet New York City, New York Freelance Social Media Editor FamilyFun Magazine New York City, NY Social Media Associate LLR Consulting, Inc. New York City, New York…

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  • Opportunities in Asia for WhatsApp (Infographic)

    … By David Cohen on Jan. 29, 2016 - 4:30 PM Latin America is a stronghold for WhatsApp, while North America presents a weak spot, but the biggest opportunity for the Facebook-owned messaging application may be in Asia. GlobalWebIndex shared the infographic below showing WhatsApp usage by region, and GWI said in an email to SocialTimes…

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  • Facebook Users Keep Coming Back (Infographic)

    … By David Cohen on Dec. 14, 2015 - 12:00 PM Facebook is not only the largest social network: It is also the most frequently used. GlobalWebIndex found that 54 percent of Facebook users log in to the social network more than once per day, far outdistancing second-place Instagram, which it owns, at 31 percent. GWI said in an email…

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  • Did Spotify Users on Facebook Spur Music Stories? (Infographic)

    … in its home country of Sweden (55 percent), but also reaching 20 percent in the U.K. and 18 percent in the U.S. Giving these music lovers a simple way to share their interest on Facebook could bring great benefits for both services. For Facebook, this new feature could prompt many of its more passive users to re-engage with the site, while for Spotify, the benefit of having its music shared across the world’s largest social network is obvious. Readers: Do you use Spotify? …

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  • A Buy Button for Instagram? (Infographic)

    … By David Cohen on Nov. 16, 2015 - 6:30 PM The social network with users who would be most interested in a buy button is a social network that currently doesn’t offer one. GlobalWebIndex found that 49 percent of Instagram users would be interested in using buy buttons. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network was followed…

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  • Facebook Has Its Hooks in 84% of Internet Users (Infographic)

    … in an email to SocialTimes: What’s also striking here is just how dominant Facebook has become in certain markets. As well as scoring 80 percent-plus in 28 of the countries tracked in our chart, Facebook membership of some type is near universal in places like Mexico, Indonesia and Vietnam. These figures are extremely encouraging for the company’s…

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  • Is Instagram’s Boomerang App a Reaction to Vine? (Infographic)

    … Was Instagram’s launch of its stand-alone Boomerang application a reaction to the number of Instagram users who also use Twitter’s Vine? GlobalWebIndex shared the infographic below, showing that 17 percent of Instagram users also used Vine last month, and GWI said in an email to SocialTimes: Given that Boomerang has clear parallels with Vine…

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  • Facebook’s Dislike/Empathy Button Has Potential (Infographic)

    … Will Facebook users hit the dislike button, or, as it may turn out, the empathy button? GlobalWebIndex believes they will, pointing out that 70 percent of Facebook users have clicked the like button during the past month, while 19 percent have unliked brands or pages. GWI said in an email to SocialTimes: Although it’s only small minorities…

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  • What Are Users Doing on Facebook? (Infographic)

    … The latest change to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm factors in the amount of time users spend viewing posts, but how are those users spending their time on the social network? GlobalWebIndex examined actions performed on Facebook by active users over the past month, and the top behaviors were: Clicked the like button: 69 percent of users 16…

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  • 72% of Snapchat Users Also Use Facebook Messenger (Infographic)

    … than 50 percent of Snapchatters are also WhatsAppers. Evidently, we need to reject the notion that people tend to use one app only; to the contrary, they are happy to operate across a wide range of them. In some cases (e.g., WeChat, Telegram, Tango, Kik), users are actually active on around five different chat apps. Fostering a sense of loyalty among such audiences is thus a major challenge. Readers: How many messaging apps do you use on a regular basis? …

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