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  • ‘No more panic’: Fashion week gets over its midlife crisis

    … The past few seasons of New York Fashion Week were full of hand-wringing and existential crises, as designers and observers panicked over how see-now-buy-now and social media were changing the fashion show as we knew it. This season, the dust appears to have settled. “People are adjusting. There’s no more panic. It’s more of an ongoing…

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  • Introducing the Glossy 50, honoring those transforming fashion and luxury

    … Welcome to the Glossy 50, our first annual list featuring men and women contributing to the transformation of fashion, luxury, beauty and technology. The industries are being turned on their heads. The heat is on to ship faster, lower prices and be first to market with trends. Those driving these modern strategies are the people we’re…

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  • Fashion industry leaders are teaching young designers how to sell their collections

    Curriculums at fashion and design schools, including the Fashion Institute of Technology, are evolving to account for new priorities like 3-D printing and sustainability. But such flashier topics can frequently take attention away from the basics, like how young designers navigate launching a new brand in today’s retail environment.

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  • RO NY founder Rony Zeidan: ‘Fashion’s not what it used to be — I blame Instagram’

    … Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher A perfect storm of social media’s influence, fast fashion’s market share and designers’ hasty exits have called the purpose and existence of New York Fashion Week into question — again. Regardless, it’s back for another season, with Tom Ford’s return to New York marking the beginning of the city’s run of fashion…

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  • After the flash sales gold rush, Gilt focuses on mining customer data

    … With the flash-sale model all but obsolete, the future of Gilt is riding on the site’s ability to appeal to its (self-reported) 9.7 million active members on an individual level. The company rolled out a new site on Tuesday that shifts its emphasis away from flash sales, putting the focus instead on new product drops, personalized…

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  • Jason Wu will make its debut as lifestyle brand at NYFW

    … The inspiration for Jason Wu’s first foray into lifestyle products was indubitably his love for Sharpies. While on a recent trip to Hong Kong, the designer spotted a display of Sharpie pens, chock-full of unique colors and packaging developed in collaboration with artists. It was then that he had the idea to expand Jason Wu into the lifestyle…

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  • Networking site for creatives looks to prove its worth at NYFW

    … A LinkedIn for creative people in industries including fashion and film is hoping New York Fashion Week will give it a shot in the arm. SohoMuse — created jointly by president and co-founder Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin and Leighton Webb, head of business development — is a members-only professional networking site designed to connect creatives…

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  • Marchesa is using Rent the Runway to test new collection of blouses

    … Marchesa is using insights from Rent the Runway to inform its strategy for a brand-new apparel category: tops. Marchesa, best known for its ornate ballgowns and elaborate formalwear, is launching its first-ever collection of tops, available exclusively through the rental platform. According to Sarah Tam, svp of merchandising at Rent the Runway…

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  • Ariel Foxman on taking a break from fashion media and his new role at Olivela

    … Ariel Foxman hasn’t left fashion media behind, he’s just seeing what else is out there. “I wanted to explore other ways to get the fashion and style message across, outside of a primarily print brand,” the former InStyle and StyleWatch editorial director told Glossy this week. Foxman is now chief brand officer at Olivela, a NYC-based charitable…

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  • Driven by fast fashion, millennials choose luxury accessories over clothing

    … accessories serve as a way for both millennial and Gen Z shoppers to enter the luxury market in a way that indicates status without throwing it in the faces of their peers. “The reason why a lot of these brands have a certain prominence is they sell a lot of accessories,” he said in a previous interview with Glossy. “It’s like selling a piece…

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  • ‘Lipstick fits everyone’: Beauty brands are still slow to use plus-size models

    … Though Nadia Aboulhosn has worked as a plus-size model and designer for the past seven years, she just booked her first beauty campaign last month. “I would sit down in meetings with [beauty brands] telling them to create an eyebrow kit with me,” Aboulhosn said. “I’m not sure if I just wasn’t celebrity enough, but I kept getting turned down…

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  • How Estee Lauder grew sales 40 percent in China

    … Estée Lauder Cosmetics is watching its sales in China climb faster than any other market, thanks to a savvy local strategy that includes a 50-person dedicated team, branded Tmall storefronts, and freestanding e-commerce sites. Esteé Lauder reported its full year results for 2017 on Friday, announcing an overall sales growth of 40 percent…

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  • How Asos gets 50 percent of customers to buy on mobile

    … To see where British fast-fashion retailer Asos is spending the most of its resources, download its mobile app. Built in-house, the app has 10 million downloads according to the company, and it’s also the focus of the retailer’s latest technology investments, coming from its 900-person tech team, which Asos plans to grow by another 200 next year…

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  • Inside the relaunch of Hypebeast’s e-commerce site, HBX

    … Five years in, Hypebeast’s e-commerce platform, HBX, is getting a brand makeover. Kevin Ma, founder and CEO of Hypebeast, which launched in 2005 to cover hip streetwear brands and sneaker launches, said the media company approached commerce with trepidation, slowly exploring the idea of selling the same brands it talks about its editorial side…

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