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  • Five years in, Birchbox Man is boosting education and interest in men’s grooming

    … After selling monthly subscription boxes full of sample beauty and skin care products to women for a little over a year, Birchbox heard from female customers that the men in their lives had voiced interest about a similar product model geared towards men’s grooming. “We were really surprised to hear that; it wasn’t something we were sure we…

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  • Fashion publications team with to cater to younger readers

    … When the popular app first hit the scene in 2014, it was mostly a tool for teenagers to share goofy lip-syncing videos with friends. Currently, it has a nearly 200 million user base largely comprised of teenage girls, and fashion and lifestyle publishers are tapping the platform in an effort to connect with younger readers.…

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  • Confessions of a beauty editor: ‘You’re expected to be your own personal brand’

    … Beauty content is not what it used to be. While it has always catered, on some level, to advertisers, it’s now bent on traffic numbers, too — meaning that the minutiae of the Kardashian clan’s makeup routine often takes precedence above all else. An onslaught of technological and scientific advances has also made the space less simplistic…

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  • How custom footwear retailer Shoes of Prey cut its delivery time to two weeks

    … For Shoes of Prey co-founder and chief creative officer Jodie Fox, the only way to scale her customizable footwear business was to forego third-party manufacturers and bring all production in house. Shoes of Prey’s e-commerce site offers trillions of variations of heels, boots, flats and sneakers, which shoppers can tailor themselves…

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  • A boutique bodega is the next frontier for brand partnerships

    … Boutique bodegas nestled in New York City’s underground subway stations — where products are as curated as an Instagram feed, and you can buy Beats headphones along with your morning coffee before paying with an app — may sound like an agency fever dream. But New Stand, started by Mother New York founder Andrew Deitchman, is currently expanding…

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  • Why fashion and beauty brands are setting their sights on Austin

    … Fashion and beauty retailers are following in the footsteps of publishers like Condé Nast and BuzzFeed by setting up shop in Austin. Part of the appeal is increased foot traffic, thanks to significant population growth: Austin’s seen a 16 percent population boost since 2010, including a 2.9 percent jump in the last year alone. It’s continual…

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  • How Teen Vogue is maintaining its ‘woke’ momentum in the Trump era

    … To celebrate Glossy’s one-year anniversary, we’re spending a week profiling the standout change-makers who inspired us in our first year. These insiders are currently transforming the fashion, beauty and luxury spaces. When Nancy Reagan passed away on March 6 last year, Phil Picardi, Teen Vogue’s digital editorial director, wasn’t sure…

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  • The fashion industry fights to preserve Manhattan’s garment district

    … Eric Sauma spent most weekends growing up in Manhattan accompanying his father to work at Mood Fabrics, walking along with him to the shop on 37th Street to help hand out flyers. On most days, what would normally be a quick jaunt across a few city blocks would take nearly 45 minutes, as throngs of people would stop his father to talk shop or say…

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  • How Boohoo is beating the rocky American retail market

    U.K. fast-fashion retailer Boohoo seems to be immune from the carnage currently rocking longstanding American retail brands. The online pure-play brand that quickly churns out trends targeting a Gen Z and millennial audience reported a 145 percent revenue growth in the U.S. in its financial year ending February 28, from $17 million to $43 million.

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  • Why luxury remains far out of reach for Amazon and Walmart

    … Amazon owns Zappos and Shopbop, and Walmart is suddenly scooping up e-commerce brands like Modcloth and Moosejaw, but the luxury sphere remains immune to the retail giants’ temptations. Although many brands and retailers worry about the continued rise of Amazon and Walmart — which are currently the two largest e-commerce platforms in the U.S…

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  • Inside Aldo’s first website redesign in 10 years

    … By scaling back promotions, integrating digital capabilities and focusing on global expansions, Aldo has been able to stay afloat in a market particularly hostile to mid-priced retailers with vast fleets of brick-and-mortar stores and a hefty mall presence. The footwear and accessories retailer, which has 2,000 stores globally, expanded…

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  • Rent the Runway is the latest fashion brand to bounce from Snapchat to Instagram Stories

    … and communications at Altuzarra, told Glossy that Snapchat’s reach and demographic meant it wasn’t a “viable platform” for the designer brand. Fossil has ditched Snapchat all together. Everlane, which has been prolific on the platform with its “Transparency Tuesday” series, has been much less active. It’s affecting paid stories too: Advertisers are leaning…

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  • Reclaiming the word ‘old’: How fashion is fighting ageism

    Jacky O’Shaughnessy had just moved back to New York after a 20-year stint in Los Angeles and was staying with friends in the West Village when she stepped outside to have a cigarette. It was 9 p.m., and she was relishing the sights and sounds of her former home, when a woman walked out of a nearby restaurant and approached her.

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  • They’ve ‘sold out’: A Walmart acquisition could be damaging for fashion brands

    … Walmart, through a series of recent acquisitions, is gunning to make up for lost time in a race against Amazon to flesh out its fashion business. But the company’s corporate overtaking of formerly independent brands is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of customers. Its latest target: Bonobos, the menswear retailer that specializes in affordably…

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