• How fashion and beauty brands are using AI to drive mobile purchases

    It’s become a common tale in e-commerce: Executives at retailers are discovering that traffic patterns don’t match revenue. It’s what happened at “Mobile is at least 50 percent of our traffic, but not our revenue. To be honest, we all kind of gave up on fixing that,” said Felipe Araujo, the head of e-commerce at Diane von Furstenberg.

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  • How Instagram beat out Snapchat as fashion’s ‘social darling’

    … Snapchat wants to rival Facebook, but it should worry first about Instagram. Although Instagram and Snapchat were launched within just a year of each other — in October 2010 and September 2011, respectively — fashion brands have made Instagram a cornerstone to their strategies while Snapchat remains, in most cases, firmly in the experimental…

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  • Walmart and Amazon emerge as fashion’s duopoly

    … Although Walmart has long beat Amazon in overall U.S. apparel and accessories revenue, the mass retailer’s lack of an online fashion presence has made it less of a competitor in that space. But that’s bound to change with Walmart subsidiary’s recent acquisition of the womenswear retailer Modcloth, the company’s largest push yet…

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  • Inside fashion media’s hush-hush love of the press junket

    … In fashion, editors are routinely whisked off to faraway locales to be wined and dined on a brand’s dime, often in exchange for some brand-related coverage. These junkets are known politely as “press trips” and stand out as a symbol of the cozy relationship the fashion press has with its subjects. As one anonymous Guardian writer aptly put…

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  • CollegeFashionista launches an online fashion education program

    … CollegeFashionista is expanding today with the launch of a digital education platform and fellowship for its 5,000-plus members, college students known as Style Gurus. This group is made up of college students across 630 campuses who operate as digital interns in semester-long spurts, creating all of the sites content — a mix of outfit posts…

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  • Why Apple Pay is poised to beat PayPal in the luxury fashion space

    … When it comes to mobile payment apps, PayPal is the clear winner in terms of market size: It has more than 180 million active users and 15 million merchants, and is available in over 200 countries. But it continues to privilege e-commerce and has less of a presence in physical retail stores, said Jason Goldberg, the senior vice president…

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  • Modiface is becoming the go-to provider of augmented reality to beauty brands

    … Beauty shoppers scrolling their phones looking for a new lipstick shade on Sephora’s mobile app know the drill. First, you select the brand and shade you’re interested in trying, then you position the phone in front of your face. Through facial recognition and augmented reality technology, a phantom lipstick will pop onto your lips. With a tap…

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  • Inside the relaunch of Hypebeast’s e-commerce site, HBX

    … Five years in, Hypebeast’s e-commerce platform, HBX, is getting a brand makeover. Kevin Ma, founder and CEO of Hypebeast, which launched in 2005 to cover hip streetwear brands and sneaker launches, said the media company approached commerce with trepidation, slowly exploring the idea of selling the same brands it talks about its editorial side…

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  • Why luxury remains far out of reach for Amazon and Walmart

    … Amazon owns Zappos and Shopbop, and Walmart is suddenly scooping up e-commerce brands like Modcloth and Moosejaw, but the luxury sphere remains immune to the retail giants’ temptations. Although many brands and retailers worry about the continued rise of Amazon and Walmart — which are currently the two largest e-commerce platforms in the U.S…

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  • Clinique is turning print ads into six-second videos

    … Clinique is working with Google to get more bang for its advertising buck. Earlier this month, the beauty and skin-care brand turned its print ad campaign for a new line of lipsticks into six-second bumper ads, which are quick clips that play before and after videos on YouTube. Clinique’s in-house team worked with Google’s creative unit…

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  • The winners and losers in a Coach-Kate Spade acquisition

    … With reports swirling that Coach’s acquisition of Kate Spade is imminent, what would a merger of two of the leading American handbag brands look like? “Coach has viability again,” said Jessica Ramirez, retail analyst at boutique firm Jane Halli & Associates. “Now, they’re targeting millennials and looking to further elevate the brand…

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  • Five years in, Birchbox Man is boosting education and interest in men’s grooming

    … After selling monthly subscription boxes full of sample beauty and skin care products to women for a little over a year, Birchbox heard from female customers that the men in their lives had voiced interest about a similar product model geared towards men’s grooming. “We were really surprised to hear that; it wasn’t something we were sure we…

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