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Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google beta-tested a cost-per-action service, but discontinued it in October 2008 in favor of a DoubleClick offering (also owned by Google). In Q1 2011, Google earned US $2.43 billion ($9.71 billion annualized), or 28% of total revenue, through Google AdSense.
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  • The Customer Journey and Optimove Retention Automation

    … customer micro-segments. These hundreds of small, homogenous groups of customers within the customer database can be hyper-targeted with very effective personalized communications. A big chunk of the micro-segmentation engine relies on predictive behavior modeling: the product applies advanced mathematical and statistical techniques to transactional…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 66 readers -
  • Is Google becoming more hyperlocal?

    … Last week, reports surfaced suggesting the possibility that Google has made changes to local map results. As detailed by Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz, in the past week numerous individuals in the SEO community reported seeing compression in the local map pack results. One SEO who was monitoring results for clients observed “massive…

    Search Engine Watch- 13 readers -
  • Can you manage your inventory with Google Shopping?

    … We are often asked by our clients if we can use Google Shopping or paid search to push particular products or product groups. There are a number of reasons why they might want to do this. They might have high stock levels of a particular product; some ranges might be out of date, and they wish to sell off remaining stock; or perhaps a product…

    Search Engine Landin Google- 33 readers -
  • What’s the Impact and Alternative to Ad Blocking?

    … To experience the Internet without advertising interrupting you every few moments sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, it’s not. By blocking a significant amount of ads, consumers are forcing publishers to take drastic actions. And when iOS 9 allowing Safari mobile browser extensions on iPhone, ad blocking extensions took off hit the market…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 19 readers -
  • Enhance Your Google Ads with Structured Snippets

    … Enhance Your Google Ads with Structured Snippets September 8, 2015 - Posted by Jonathan Larkin to SEM & PPC It’s been almost a year since I posted about Google’s callout extensions, and they’ve returned this year with a new but very familiar way to expand and enhance your ads. Earlier this year the feature was released as “dynamic…

    Jonathan Larkin/ Dex Mediain Paid Search- 25 readers -
  • Mobile Video Ads Are About The Story Without The Sale

    … Google just released the results of a new experiment that’s quite impressive and should be watched by anyone looking to expand its video reach to the mobile device. Simply put, the in your face advertising model of yesterday just doesn’t work on our mobile device. Working with Mountain Dew, BBDO produced three different videos. The first…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 36 readers -
  • Automated Rules: Stop Wasting Your Precious SEM Efforts

    … Automated Rules: Stop Wasting Your Precious SEM Efforts June 4, 2015 - Posted by Jonathan Larkin to SEM & PPC On June 1, Bing Ads announced that they’d be adding automated rules to their system. This is an oft-requested feature that Google has had for quite some time. If you’re not already familiar with automated rules, there’s no better…

    Jonathan Larkin/ Dex Mediain Paid Search- 27 readers -
  • Google Ads to get Buy Button – What does it mean for You?

    … There have been rumors floating about for some time that Google was going to be adding a buy button to their ad options. In a recent interview at the Re/Code Code Conference, however, that rumor was confirmed. Google’s Chief Business Officer, Omid Kordestani, commented that the buy buttons would be showing up soon, though he didn’t expand on what…

    Michael Levanduski/ KJ Rockerin Google- 15 readers -
  • What Is The Cost Of Online Leads?

    …. Typical activities include blogging, tweeting, and distributing content on social sites or other content sharing sites. Paid traffic is much easier to scale, but that convenience comes at a cost. It is comprised of different types of advertising mediums including (but not limited to) Google Ads, placing banners on industry specific blogs…

    Asaf Rothem/ Relevance- 15 readers -
  • 11 SEO Myths Restaurant Marketers Need to Forget

    … that optimizing for local specifically can have a dramatic impact on results. Myth #10: Buying Google Ads Improves Rankings Simply put, buying ads does not impact organic search engine rankings. This myth has existed for so long that Matt Cutts made an entire video debunking it. Cutts explained that Google does not give preferential treatment in any…

    ZOG Digital Blogin Social SEO Google- 24 readers -
  • Morning Clicks: Google’s Latest Releases and More

    … Morning Clicks is your mid-week roundup of digital advertising news and notes. We’re your one-stop shop for the most relevant and important news in the PPC world. Grab your cup of joe and come see us every Wednesday morning. What’s the latest with Google? The sixth penguin update was released for Google and is expected to effect 1% of queries…

    Jacob Brown/ PPC Heroin Paid Search Google- 4 readers -
  • $1.2 Million – The Check Keeps Getting Bigger

    … products that you can promote and make commissions on. They range from free, and go up to $30,000. As a licensee, you make 50% to 90% commission. The big-tickets items are the key to making big money online. Most bloggers monetize their blogs with a Google Ads or other advertising networks. They may also do affiliate marketing by recommending a book…

    John Chow/ John Chow dot Comin Affiliate Google- 18 readers -
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