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    • Keeping an eye (or three) on your AdWords competitors

      We all love to know what our competitors are up to. We shouldn’t care that much — we should probably just get on with being the best. But we just can’t help ourselves. The best (and only empirical) source of competitor data is the AdWords Auctions Insights report. The only problem with this report is that it’s not easy to see changes over time, you can’t do any filtering, an ...

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  • Want to see if the same search query is appearing in different ad groups?

    Having the same search query leading to different ad groups can be bad news. The data about that query isn’t all in one place, making it harder to see how it is performing. It also gets in the way of managing bids: if some queries do badly, turning the bids down in one group can mean they just pop up again in a different group that now has the higher bid, continuing to waste your money.

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  • Here’s an AdWords script to fill empty ad groups

    As you’ve probably noticed, Christmas is coming. It’s a busy time of year for many of us. But busy means both that it’s easy to make mistakes and that it’s important not to let them slide. That’s why it’s important to automate what you can: when it gets busy, mistakes can be caught — and even corrected — without taking up your valuable time.

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  • Hot off the presses: Make heat maps for device performance

    … to the File menu and make your own copy. Then go to AdWords, set up a new Script, and copy in the code below. You’ll need to change a few settings: spreadsheetUrl is the URL of your copy of the heat map template. dateRanges lists time periods you want to get data from. Each date range uses the format "yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm-dd". You can speecify…

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  • The SEM automation primer

    … repeating administrative processes is handled right in the AdWords user interface. Over the years, Google has added a wealth of options to the automated rules suite. The activities you can automate range from turning on or off ad copy at relevant times (e.g., showing “Call Now” type ads only during times when your phone lines are open) to managing…

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  • Confirmed: New AdWords interface rolling out to more users

    …. Yatin Mulay of Zen Online Marketing logged on to see the above new tab-less interface (with data redacted). He went on to state that some features were hard to find in the new interface and that it was a ‘radical’ change. In regards to the new interface surfacing a Google Representative has confirmed that the interface is rolling out to more…

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  • Expand all your AdWords ads in 30 seconds flat

    … Just about a week ago, all AdWords advertisers got access to expanded text ads. Have you converted your whole account over to take advantage of the new format yet? If you haven’t because you’ve been too busy with the day-to-day of managing accounts (or because you took that well-earned summer vacation), read on for an easy to use AdWords…

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  • Rotating ad copy: What traffic are you missing out on?

    … losers, you’re missing valuable clicks and conversions. But if you’ve got a big account, it’s easy to lose track of all the tests going on. And if you’ve just inherited an account, you have no idea what tests were set up in the first place! And that’s where the latest AdWords script from the team at Brainlabs comes in… An AdWords script for finding…

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  • Do you really know how much you’re bidding?

    … than the max bid of their competitors to force them to pay the highest possible price. Then along came Google AdWords, where the final CPC became dependent on the Quality Score. While you could still see your max CPC, the bid that was used in the auction became impossible to know. Despite this opaqueness, the bids were still easy to see because…

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