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  • 5 non-traditional skills to look for in a PPC account manager

    … to their ability to build a strong relationship and keep clients happy in the long run. Sales must-haves: Strong research skills Objection handling Expectation setting Active listening Pass Google’s new Digital Sales Certification Skill 3: HTML & CSS Understanding how websites work is a critical skill to becoming a full-stack PPC marketer…

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  • Here’s a script for copying labels between levels

    …. It comes up all the time: you label a campaign but then can’t spot the label when looking at all your keywords from the various campaigns you’re running. For example, you want to push bids for a certain brand’s keywords, but you’ve only got campaigns labeled with brands. Kudos to Google for updating AdWords Editor so you can filter by campaign and ad…

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  • Seriously, Google, can you just make exact match exact?

    … ecosystem. I also (as a former Googler) built my career there. Until this bizarre change, it had been a brilliant year for AdWords: amazing new features, insane improvements to the API, a quadrupled functionality of its scripts, more audience targeting options, and they even finally disposed of RHS ads (which was good for advertisers, users and Google…

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