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  • Pump the brakes: SEO and its sweeping statements

    … science. Google is continually changing their fiendishly complex algorithms and will often neither confirm or deny such changes. It’s a poker game where everyone wears masks and keeps their cards very close to their chest – and no-one shows their cards for free. Add to this the threat of your website being heavily sanctioned by one of Google’s…

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  • What we learned from SEO: The Movie

    …, even as Google grew far more dominant in the space and arguably had much less to fear from being overtaken by competitors. And as Google’s dominance grew, the impact of major algorithm changes became more severe. SEO: The Movie looks back on some of Google’s most significant updates, such as Panda and Penguin, and details how they impacted…

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  • Make the Most of RankBrain With These 5 ways

    … It is not impossible to optimize RankBrain but we can say that it is extremely difficult. This article gathers wisdom from few of the top voices in the search industry. In 2015, Google released the machine learning ranking program called as RankBrain. The digital marketers have been carefully watching this since then. RankBrain was cited…

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  • Should Google be more transparent with its updates?

    … It might seem hard to recall now, but there was a time when Google would regularly announce updates to its ranking algorithms, confirming what they were and how they would affect websites. During these halcyon days, information about Google ranking updates was generally delivered via Google engineer and head of Google’s Webspam Team Matt Cutts…

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  • Five most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

    … Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from the world of search marketing and beyond. This week, Google’s emoji conquest of the SERP is advancing on AdWords titles, Snapchat influencers may be fleeing the platform for greener pastures, and Facebook is making it easier for advertisers to compare the performance…

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  • What’s been going on with Google’s mobile indexing?

    … be ongoing while Google looks into things. There is a chance that the issue could be unrelated to mobile-first indexing – after all, Google has any number of algorithm updates, both big and small, in the pipeline for throughout the year – most of which we won’t even know about until they’re on top of us. Mobile-first indexing just happens to be a major…

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  • What were Google’s biggest search algorithm updates of 2016?

    … Yes, we’re well into 2017 now and Google has already rolled out a significant algorithm update this year. But of course every SEO worth her salt knows that last year’s algo updates are significant indicators of the changes to come – search engines are known for making slow and incremental adjustments to their filters. So while we’re still…

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  • What can we learn from the winners and losers of organic search in 2016?

    … visibility in the same period, with the likes of Wired, USAToday, NYMag, Time and BuzzFeed all appearing in the ‘losers’ category. So why the discrepancy? Searchmetrics’ analysis pointed to the ‘Google News-Wave‘ update of 2015 as one possible cause. The ‘News-Wave’ update, as dubbed by Searchmetrics, was a mysterious update to Google’s core algorithm…

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