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  • How To Get Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    …-lightbox, as well social media embeds for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Vine via their own extended components. These tag and extended components aren’t difficult to use; they just require some planning in your site design. In order for Google (and other technologies supporting the AMP Project) to detect the AMP version of your…

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  • Live: Google Launches AMP Results In Mobile Search Results

    … carousel: Here is another format not in the news carousel but in the news listing format: We expected AMP to go live tomorrow, February 24th according to Ad Age sources but I guess Google moved it up a day and now it is live. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a project backed by Google that has gained support from publishers, platforms like Twitter, analytics tools and today, from advertising networks and platforms. About The Author (Some images used under license from…

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  • Google To Launch AMP In Search Results February 24, 2016

    … is designed to make web pages faster to load for users by slimming down a lot elements users need to download when visiting a web page. AMP has been adopted as a protocol by Google, Twitter and many other organizations and publishers. Google is launching AMP for their mobile results next month. Recently Google released AMP error reports to help…

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  • Google Testing AMP News Results In The Wild

    … is that picture: These pages are designed to be fast loading, especially on mobile devices. Google has backed AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages early on and plans on launching this in the news carousel on mobile results later this month. The screen shot above is what Google is testing. Google has implied they might do labels for AMP supported pages like they did/do with the mobile friendly labels. For more on the AMP project click here. About The Author (Some images used under license from…

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