Google Analytics Dimensions Series

  • The Social Network Dimension: An Unsung Hero

    … through to malicious sites and protect users’ privacy. You can read more about them from this Facebook developer’s post and this post that addresses how they show up in Google Analytics, if you’re so inclined. What I’ve seen clients and coworkers do is fire up the Source/Medium or Referrals report and look at the first instance of…

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  • Why Google Analytics’ User Metrics Are BS [For Most Sites]

    … != me. Therefore, my girls can borrow my car without risk of being arrested for identity theft. Likewise, your client is a vehicle you, the user, use to get to a site. It’s not you. The problem with user-based KPIs in Google Analytics is they measure license plates, not social security numbers. Let’s Do an Experiment My devices: I have two laptops…

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