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  • Cross-Domain Tracking or Referral Exclusion List: How to Choose

    …. I identify this issue in way too many analytics audits, which is why I want to address it here. A Tale of Two Options When it comes to integrating data across multiple domains you have a couple options, but they’re a bit nuanced. Option 1: Referral Exclusion List I’ve already addressed how to rock Google Analytics’ Referral Exclusion List…

    Annie Cushing/ Annielytics- 22 readers -
  • The Worst Setting In Google Analytics [VIDEO]

    … One of Google Analytics’ greatest charms is its ability to be highly customized. However, sometimes the ability to tinker with its infrastructure comes with risks. One of those risks is the unassuming but potentially deadly Default Page setting. The Default Page Setting Hates Kittens That’s just raw, Google! For people who might be confused…

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  • How To Clean Up Google Analytics’ Content Reports

    … One of the basic tenets of SEO is the handling of non-canonical URLs. Countless posts have been written on the topic, and it’s a topic that’s discussed at probably every Internet marketing conference. Yet when it comes to our analytics, my experience has been that typically little-to-no attention is dedicated to keeping our content reports […] The post How To Clean Up Google Analytics’ Content Reports appeared first on Annielytics. …

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