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    • Cross-Domain Tracking or Referral Exclusion List: How to Choose

      One of the biggest mistakes sites make is send visitors away to do the most important thing(s) you want them to do. For example, sending a visitor off your site to purchase something, fill out a form, apply for a job, reserve a hotel room, book a flight … You get the idea. Why, you ask? Simple. When they leave, they take their data with them.

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  • The Worst Setting In Google Analytics [VIDEO]

    … Curtain 2 If your developers are on strike or too busy playing Candy Crush to set that up for you, the next best alternative, in my opinion, is to use a Search and Replace filter in Google Analytics to remove the index pages. I demonstrate how to set this up in the video below (with two alternatives because I’m just that accommodating). Video The post The Worst Setting In Google Analytics [VIDEO] appeared first on …

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  • How To Clean Up Google Analytics’ Content Reports

    … One of the basic tenets of SEO is the handling of non-canonical URLs. Countless posts have been written on the topic, and it’s a topic that’s discussed at probably every Internet marketing conference. Yet when it comes to our analytics, my experience has been that typically little-to-no attention is dedicated to keeping our content reports […] The post How To Clean Up Google Analytics’ Content Reports appeared first on Annielytics. …

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