Google Assistant

    • Get local help with your Google Assistant

      No matter what questions you’re asking—whether about local traffic or a local business—your Google Assistant should be able to help. And starting today, it’s getting better at helping you, if you’re looking for nearby services like an electrician, plumber, house cleaner and more. To get started, say “Ok Google, find me a plumber” to your Assistant on your Android phone, iPho ...

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    • Learn more about the world around you with Google Lens and the Assistant

      Looking at a landmark and not sure what it is? Interested in learning more about a movie as you stroll by the poster? With Google Lens and your Google Assistant, you now have a helpful sidekick to tell you more about what’s around you, right on your Pixel. When we introduced the new Pixel 2 last month, we talked about how Google Lens builds on Google’s advancements in c ...

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    • Go up, up and away with your Google Assistant

      With holiday travel coming up, and 2018 just around the corner, you may be already thinking about getaways for next year. Consider the Google Assistant your new travel buddy, ready at the drop of a hat—or a passport. So when you’re ready for your next big adventure, here are some things to ask your Google Assistant on your eligible Android phone, iPhone or your voice activat ...

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  • The Google Assistant: coming to tablets and more Android phones

    … From phones to speakers to watches and more, the Google Assistant is already available across a number of devices and languages—and now, it’s coming to Android tablets running Android 7.0 Nougat and 6.0 Marshmallow and phones running 5.0 Lollipop. The Google Assistant, now on Tablets With the Assistant on tablets, you can you can get help…

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  • More reasons to love your Pixel phone

    … When you invest in a smartphone, you expect it to last a while (and not go out of date when the next product comes along). We expect that, too, so we constantly add new experiences to Pixel phones to make sure they keep getting better over time. Here are a few highlights from recent weeks: 1. Have fun and get creative with Augmented Reality…

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  • November Month In Numbers

    …2.7 Million The number of UK households actively using an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device at present. Kantar found that 22.2% of UK consumers also use a Virtual Assistant (such as Siri) on their smartphones. The latest Google development in voice search? Personalised local search results, rolling out before 2018. When looking for tradespeople…

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  • The new maker toolkit: IoT, AI and Google Cloud Platform

    … Voice interaction is everywhere these days—via phones, TVs, laptops and smart home devices that use technology like the Google Assistant. And with the availability of maker-friendly offerings like Google AIY’s Voice Kit, the maker community has been getting in on the action and adding voice to their Internet of Things (IoT) projects. As avid…

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  • 7 ways the Assistant can help you get ready for Turkey Day

    … Thanksgiving is just a few days away and, as always, your Google Assistant is ready to help. So while the turkey cooks and the family gathers, here are some questions to ask your Assistant. Show up to dinner on time: “Ok Google, how’s traffic?” Prepare accordingly: “Ok Google, set a turkey timer for 4 hours.” And don’t forget…

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  • Communicate around the house with the Google Assistant

    … From dinner bells to shouting, attempting to gather the family from around the house is nothing new. And now, your Google Assistant is getting in on the game. Starting today, you can broadcast your voice from your Assistant on your phone or voice-activated speaker, like Google Home. So when you need to round up the family in the morning, just…

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  • The Google Assistant on phones, now in Spanish and Italian

    … The Google Assistant is already available on phones in a number of languages around the world and this week we’re adding a few new ones to the roster—Spanish in the U.S., Mexico and Spain as well as Italian in Italy. So now you can say “Ok Google” and ask the Assistant to play your favorite song, tell you about the weather, navigate home…

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  • Get moving with some help from your Google Assistant

    … From caramel apples to pumpkin pie, fall is all about delicious food. But if you’re the hunt for some balance from all of your favorite holiday treats, look no further than your Google Assistant—the walking, biking and “get moving” buddy you’ve been waiting for. So grab your sneakers and sweatband and say “Ok Google,” Remind me…

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  • Travel through Hawkins with new “Stranger Things” game for Google Home

    Do you have what it takes to be part of the Hawkins Middle School AV Club? Now you can find out with the new “Stranger Things” game, built exclusively for your Google Assistant on Google Home. Starting today, you can go on an interactive journey with Dustin and the kids of “Stranger Things” to turn your Google Home experience Upside Down. × If you’re in the U.S., U.K.

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  • Family fun with your Google Assistant on Google Home and phones

    … “Ok Google, what can you do for families?” Lots! The Google Assistant now has more than 50 new games, activities and stories designed for families with kids. Now you can learn, play and imagine together—available today in the U.S. with the Assistant on Google Home, other smart speakers and eligible phones. Monday musical chairs? Tuesday night…

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  • Google Home Mini has arrived—here’s what you can do with it

    … A few weeks ago we unveiled Google Home Mini, the newest addition to the Google Home family. About the size of a donut, it has all the smarts of the Google Assistant and gives you hands-free help in any room of your house. Starting today, you can grab it online from the Google Store or online or on shelves of Best Buy, Walmart, Target and other…

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  • Ok Google, let’s get spooky

    … It’s Friday the 13th and just a couple weeks ‘til Halloween. Whether you’d prefer to hand out candy, dress like a pirate or scare yourself silly, your Google Assistant can help you get in the spooky spirit: 🤖 "Ok Google, what should I be for Halloween?" 🎃 “Ok Google, get directions to the nearest pumpkin patch” 👹 "Ok Google, how do I…

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