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  • The Future of Digital Marketing and SEO

    …: Google Authorship was a hugely visible experiment in search to reward authors who were willing to be identified with their content. Yet, in mid-2014, Eric and I broke the news that Google was shutting down the project. You might think that was the end of author authority in search, but then to everyone’s surprise, at SMX East in October 2015…

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  • What’s the Future of Google Authorship?

    … boosted CTR on paid ads by 44%. Fishkin’s later observations on Kim’s analysis took a more nuanced approach to the issue: “Larger sample sets are critical to understand whether authorship pics removal positively affected AdWords CTR. I wouldn’t categorize us as having a ‘smoking gun’ at this point.” Sam McRoberts of VUDU Marketing agreed…

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  • Is Google Authorship Still Important?

    … Before you say, “Hey stupid. They already removed that!” NO, we’re not going to tell you how you can add authorship codes to your articles for this outdated practice. Instead, we’re going to talk about why it was an important “experiment” and why it still can be an active part of the current (or future) Google…

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  • Authorship Adoption Fail – Detailed Stats

    On August 28, 2014, Google’s John Mueller announced the end of the Authorship markup program (also known as rel=author markup). In today’s post I will: Show you data on how authorship data was used (or not) by 150 top media sites Outline why we think this contributed to Google’s reasons for canceling the rel=author markup program Discuss how this impacts future efforts ...

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  • Team Portent Bids Farewell to Authorship

    … One spring day of 2011, Google announced a new thing called “Authorship.” They described it as a way of using data to “help people find content from great authors in our search results.” With little exception, the SEO community rejoiced. Finally, we, the content creators and bloggers of the world, were on top. By adding a few lines of codes, our…

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  • The Aftermath of Google Removing Authorship Photos – Weigh In!

    … Google taught me a lesson a long time ago… Never get too attached to their tools and services because they may not stick around long. The sudden removal of Authorship photos in the search results at the end of June AND the recent removal of the Author Stats report in Google Webmaster Tools caused some major confusion, along with disappointment…

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  • Is Google+ Authorship Still Worth it?

    … was surprised at the move. Like many, my knee-jerk reaction was to be upset and start scratching my head: removing the most visible, tangible benefit of Google+ Authorship certainly isn’t a move that will help inspire more people to start tagging their content and verifying their authorship. It’s demoralizing. But like you, I want to understand what…

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