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  • Five free Chrome extensions for SEO practitioners

    … Did you know that you can increase your SEO task efficiency by using extensions in Google Chrome? If you perform most of your SEO tasks manually, these extensions can help reduce the headache of repetitive tasks and help you make your work day run more smoothly. Following are six free Chrome extensions I use on a daily basis to help increase…

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  • How to quickly find and export all subdomains indexed by Google

    … is too long (too many -inurl operators), you will get a 400 error page from Google. Once you’re done, you still need some editing to create a nice list of subdomains to work with. The solution: a simple Chrome extension, by Google This extension, Personal Blocklist (by Google), will make your life easier. It allows you to “block” domains from appearing…

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  • London buses test out the first consumer experience of the Physical Web

    … The Google-backed Physical Web is now operating in the physical world. UK-based mobile commerce provider Proxama, in partnership with out-of-home advertising firm Exterion Media, launched this month in London what they describe as “the world’s first deployment of a Physical Web consumer engagement experience.” Called MyStop, the project…

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  • Mobile Devices Now Driving 56 Percent Of Traffic To Top Sites — Report

    … not include app usage. The following are the top ten mobile traffic site categories, with the top five are receiving at least 60 percent of their traffic from mobile devices. Beauty and Fitness Home and Garden Health Pets and Animals People and Society Shopping Gambling Auto Recreation and Hobbies Sports While mobile drove more traffic, engagement remains…

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  • Google To Combine Android And Chrome Operating Systems Into One

    … This afternoon the Wall Street Journal reported that Google will be “folding” Chrome into Android. What this means as a technical matter may be complicated; what it means practically is simple: Android has won. From a developer point of view it makes sense to combine the two operating systems to minimize fragmentation. Yet Google and its OEM…

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  • Sep 1: Google’s Chrome Begins Auto-Pausing Flash Ads

    … Another nail in Adobe Flash’s coffin is getting hammered in today. Google is now beginning to pause Flash-based ads by default in its Chrome browser. Google announced the move to automatically pause plug-in content, including Flash ads, in Chrome in June as a way to speed up page loads and cut down on battery drain now that more content…

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  • 4 Google Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

    … Google Chrome extensions offer some great tools to help with digital marketing. These extensions can do anything from speeding up your outreach efforts to checking for broken links. Following are my top four Chrome extensions for marketers. (Note: This list was created in part by Margaret Hakobyan, CEO of MoversCorp.) 1. MOZBar This tool helps…

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  • Microsoft Bing Now Added To Google Chrome New Tab Page

    Microsoft's search engine, Bing, is now an option within Google's Chrome new tab page screens. Prior, if you changed your default search provider in Chrome, the new tab page would still show Google has the search option. It would change the search provider in the URL/omnibox area but it would not replace Google from the new tab page.

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