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    • Google’s Responsive Display Ads Pack A Punch

      September 29, 2016 Google recently launched a responsive ad format for the Display Network. Introduced in the same month Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) were rolled out to the public, this new feature has been battling for attention. I’ve decided to take a crack at Responsive Display Ads and show you why they are true champs.

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  • Reach The Right Users With Gmail Ads

    … of our advertising. That is also why we look to have coverage on every network and to test every campaign type, which leads me to Gmail Ads. The Basics Gmail Ads are part of the Google Display Network and are simply collapsed ads within a user’s Gmail account that appear at the top of the Promotions tab. They can easily be confused for a regular email…

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  • How Should You Use Display Advertising?

    … July 29, 2016 Working at an agency, we hear similar questions from clients on a regular basis, especially those who are new to PPC and the paid advertising world. One question we hear often is “How do your other clients use Display Advertising?” and is usually followed by “What kind of results can we expect?” Display advertising…

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  • Eight tips for getting the most from a modest PPC budget

    … expensive, and you certainly don’t want your competitors beating you here as they sometimes bid on your brand name. 2) Explore the Google Display Network When done well, the GDN is a great way to target folks as they browse the web. For service-based businesses on a shoestring budget, consider putting a small portion towards the GDN by only…

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  • Five tips for low-risk Google Display Network testing

    … So you’re a small or medium-sized business (SMB) and you’ve already hit a cap on how far you can go with search engine marketing and remarketing. You want to continue to scale and are considering doing it via Google Display Network (GDN), but you’re aware of the possible drawback: a lot of wasted spend on poor quality, low-intent traffic…

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  • Making the Most of Display Advertising - Google Best Practices

    … on the Google Display Network. The guide touches on topics such as: Reaching the right audience at the right moment Matching the message to the moment Optimizing for performance Check out these display advertising best practices to deliver on consumers’ expectations and drive more sales for your business. Want to stay on top of even more Best Practices? Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. Posted by Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing …

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  • Finding your audience with Google display and video ads

    … People constantly move between devices throughout the day — reading breaking news on their smartphone, watching a viral video on their tablet, or researching a beach vacation on their laptop. This creates a challenge for marketers: how do you find the right person at the right moment? Google’s audience solutions help marketers reach people based…

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  • The Google Display Network ups its commitment to viewability

    … of digital advertising by upgrading all CPM campaigns on the GDN to viewable CPM (vCPM) campaigns. We’ve now completed this upgrade, making the Google Display Network (GDN) one of the only media platforms where advertisers don’t pay for an impression unless it’s actually viewable by a user. Viewable CPM (vCPM) buying was launched in AdWords…

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  • Enhancing the Google Display Network with new innovations

    … person at the right time. The Google Display Network (GDN) brings this sophisticated technology to all advertisers so you can be there in the moments that matter the most for your brand. Today we’re introducing several tools that further enhance what the GDN offers for display advertisers. More transparency: take action with AdWords audience insights…

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  • An easier way to create Display campaigns

    … seat If you’d like to view or change individual bidding and targeting settings, you can do so with just a few clicks. You can also switch marketing objectives at any time or choose to create your campaigns without an objective. It’s now easier than ever to pick the right settings to achieve your marketing objectives. Posted by Jens Skakkebaek, Group Product Manager, Google Display Network …

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  • Get richer insights by measuring Display ads across apps and the web

    … insights in AdWords and DoubleClick, we’re building tools to help you make the best advertising decisions possible. By including app activities in Estimated Total Conversions, Google gives marketers a more complete picture of the value that AdWords delivers across devices, spanning websites and apps. Posted by Levent Besik, Product Manager, Google Display Network 1 Does not include app promotion campaigns …

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  • Best Practices for Display Creatives

    … With so many ads on the internet, learn how to design effective display ads that will break through the noise, inspire people to take action and drive strong engagement. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a new best practices checklist, Put Your Best Image Ad Forward. This checklist covers how to: Craft the right…

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