Google: Easter Eggs

  • Super Mario Brothers Turns 30 & Scores A Google Easter Egg

    … This weekend, Super Mario Brothers celebrated its 30 anniversary, and Google honored the Nintendo video game by giving it an interactive Easter Egg hidden in the game’s Knowledge Graph card. If you search Google for [Super Mario Brothers], the video game’s knowledge graph info includes a flashing image of its iconic question-mark brick…

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  • Google Translate Shows Santa Claus Picture As Easter Egg

    Let’s add one more easter egg to the Google stock pile. This one is for a search in Google Translate for either [Happy holidays] or [Santa Claus]. When you search for those in Google Translate, you get a cartoon picture of Santa Claus that links to the Google’s Santa Tracker. Here is a picture: Find more Google Easter Eggs over here.

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  • A New Google Easter Egg; This One For Bletchley Park

    … Search for [”>Bletchley Park on Google and Google’s Knowledge Panel on the right side of the page, will decode the name of Bletchley Park and display it under the Google Map. This is the latest Google Easter Egg available within Google search. Here is a picture showing the decoding in process…

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  • Google Search Will Now Let You Roll The Dice

    … Ever want to roll a dice but not have one handy? Now you can just go to Google and search for [roll a dice] and Google will roll one for you. You can do this via voice search in the Google Search App, by typing it into the Google search box and likely on Google Glass as well. Here is an animated GIF of this in action: Google posted about…

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  • Google Kerning Easter Egg Plays Tricks With Typography

    … Google UK’s Peter Far found an Easter Egg designed specifically for hardcore typography fans. If you search for [kerning] in one tab, and [typography kerning] in another, you’ll notice a little extra space between the lettering on the [kerning] search results page. Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz put together the following animated image…

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