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    • Flying during the holidays? Read this before you book

      Millions of Americans will fly somewhere for Thanksgiving this year—and for many of them the search for flights will begin this week. Last year we saw a spike in Google Flights searches for Thanksgiving dates starting in mid-October. So whether you’re flying to visit family or heading off on vacation, here are a few tips from Google Flights to help with your holiday travel planning this year.

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  • New ways to make trip planning easier and cheaper

    … Everyone loves a good deal—especially when it comes to travel. That’s why last year we added tips on how to save money to Google Flights and hotel search on Google. Being flexible on travel dates and where to stay helps save money when planning a trip—so now we’re adding more ways to explore dates, airports and hotel locations to help you save…

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  • Google Flights makes travel planning even easier in Brazil

    … Whether you’re traveling from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate Carnival or you’re looking to book a last minute summer vacation, Google Flights can offer inspiration and help you find the best flights available. You can search on Google for flights to a destination by searching for things like “Flights to Rio” or “Flights to the US…

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  • Google Flights lands in Indonesia

    … Whether you’re traveling from Jakarta to Sydney or Medan to Bandung, Google Flights can offer inspiration and help you find the best flights available. Starting today, you can search to quickly and easily compare and book flights — from your mobile device, tablet or desktop. And you’ll be able to see local content…

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  • Making travel planning less stressful this holiday season

    … to choose the right flight Google Flights can now help you be more confident that you’re booking your flight at the right time to get the best price. We now show you when prices are expected to increase for some specific flights and routes you’re interested in. After selecting a specific flight, a notification may appear letting you know when…

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