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  • Virtual vs. augmented reality and Apple Watch for your face

    … Google Glass was probably about five years ahead of its time. Beyond the fact that it was priced incorrectly and looked goofy, use cases hadn’t yet been developed or established in the culture. It was an example of novelty without much utility. However Google Glass 2.0 is in the works. And by the time it’s released there may be a set…

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  • Google Glass Shutters Social Accounts

    … Google Glass is beginning to feel like eons ago. The Google Glass social accounts — Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ — have been confirmed to have shut down, 9to5Google reports. Twitter’s Google Glass page returns a 404, as does Instagram’s, and on Google+, the team has bid adieu to its fans and followers. Hi Explorers, we’ve had a blast hanging…

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  • Google Glass: Thank You For Exploring With Us

    … Is Glass Really Dead? “Thank you for exploring with us.” That was the subject of an email all Google Glass explorers received a few weeks ago letting us know that the Glass Explorer program is shutting down, and Glass in its current form is dead. But is Google Glass truly dead? In short, no. Glass itself is transitioning from a Google[x] labs…

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  • Google Glass Is Dead? Google Glass Is Reborn? Yes. Both.

    … Google has announced a series of major changes to the Google Glass project that has some saying “Glass is dead” and others saying “Glass is reborn.” Both are correct. What’s happening is a significant re-organization of Glass within Google’s corporate structure, as well as a reboot of how the Glass project will function publicly going forward…

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  • An Entirely Different Direction For Google Glass?

    … For several years now, the world has been watching Google roll out its revolutionary head-mounted display product, Google Glass, to mixed reviews. From a technological perspective, the product is amazing. Perfect? Not even close, but still amazing. From a consumer perspective, it’s weird and obnoxious. Whether or not Google wants to publicly…

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  • Twitter No Longer Supporting Its Google Glassware App?

    Reddit user pete617 reported yesterday that Twitter is no longer developing its Google Glass app. If you remove Twitter from your Glass it disappears from Glassware and there is no option to reinstall it.Reddit User pete716 Originally launching its Glassware app in May of 2013, Twitter’s decision to discontinue the app puts a spotlight on Google Glass’s longevity – or, lack thereof.

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  • Founder Of Google Eyewear Partner “Embarrassed” By Glass

    … There are people who love Google Glass; I’m not one of them. Having tried it and used it off and on for months, I come down on the side of “interesting but ultimately not very useful piece of hardware.” While Google Glass is gaining adoption in certain enterprise contexts (e.g., Medicine) its consumer prospects appear limited. Currently…

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  • Google Glass App Landscape (Finally) Showing Signs Of Growth

    … It has a long, long way to go to rival app stores like those for Android and iOS (and I doubt it'll ever rival their size, actually), but the Google Glass app landscape is finally starting to show signs of life. There are hundreds of apps available for Glass, but the majority of them haven't passed through Google's review process and reached…

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