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  • Alexa, can you acquire new customers for marketers?

    … assistants like Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant make it easy for people to repeat old habits. Instead of driving to the store, surveying the shelves of laundry detergent and coming across a new brand to try because the packaging catches your eye and the price is right, you can tell Alexa to re-order the same brand you usually buy and have…

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  • Digital assistants, conversational search and the future of local

    … Traditional search has us conditioned to speak like cavemen: choppy sentences, verbs optional. But that’s all starting to change with the rise of digital assistants and conversational search. Conversational search comes with the expectation that digital assistants will actually converse with us. Our primitive two-word queries (grunts and hand…

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  • Optimizing Google Home search responses

    … Google’s new “Google Home” device may be one of the most popular holiday gifts this year, but some marketers are not going to be celebrating in 2017. For instance, if you ask Google Home, “What is Bing?” its response is, “Indicating a sudden event or action.” If you ask, “What is Yahoo?” its response is, “A rude, noisy, or violent person…

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  • Digital assistants, conversational search and the future of local

    … gestures included) have evolved into full-fledged, honest-to-goodness questions. The age of digital assistants is upon us. For practitioners of local SEO, here’s everything you need to know to thrive in this new environment. The impact of digital assistants on local search The most common way we’ll interact with digital assistants is through voice…

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  • Will a Viv-enabled Galaxy S8 help Samsung rehabilitate its brand?

    … needed AI and a virtual assistant product to compete with Google (its frenemy) and Apple (its nemesis) going forward, while Viv probably needed more capital and resources to realize its ambitious vision. It may turn out to be a devil’s bargain for Kittlaus and his team; they may never be able to bring the experience they envisioned to market. AI…

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  • Google Home bests Amazon Echo & Alexa, for answering questions

    … true. But it’s not the tallest. That’s the Eiffel Tower set of 2007. That answer was bad because it didn’t answer the actual question. Here’s an example where Google Home gives a flat-out incorrect answer, that of Barack Obama being “King of the United States.” Ironically, that’s an answer from Search Engine Land, where we documented how Google…

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