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  • The biggest Google ad updates are also the quietest

    … on phones by 50 percent. The fourth text ad increased it by 33 percent. As such, it’s no wonder why organic traffic growth on phones has been in decline over the past year. Google rapidly expands Product Listing Ad (PLA) impressions on The graph below features the change in Google Shopping impressions relative to January 2015 over the past…

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  • Shopping campaigns: Play like every day is a holiday

    … sites use peer-to-peer influence around different verticals (Fashion, Beauty, Jewellery, Home & Garden, etc.). Communities create content that inspires to buy. Merchants either directly offer their products or push these using paid features like sponsored promotions. Area #3: Products and price buttons in display ads Google starts using…

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  • Can you manage your inventory with Google Shopping?

    … We are often asked by our clients if we can use Google Shopping or paid search to push particular products or product groups. There are a number of reasons why they might want to do this. They might have high stock levels of a particular product; some ranges might be out of date, and they wish to sell off remaining stock; or perhaps a product…

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  • Google Shopping ads so hot right now: the meteoric rise of PLAs

    … driving the most growth. Let’s take a look at some of the recent drivers of PLA traffic growth for advertisers, and wrap up with some of the key areas of account management that e-commerce advertisers must focus on given the growing importance of Google Shopping. Mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile and mobile There have been far too many “Year of Mobile…

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  • Better in-store attribution is here

    …, but it’s available to advertisers who sell to the US. As this improves, I hope we’ll be able to get super-granular and optimize conversion events in specific stores. 2. Google Now in-store cards Google Now can display a special in-store card that “appears when a shopper is near a store, displaying useful information such as sales, closing hours…

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  • 3 upcoming trends in paid search

    … Recently, we’ve seen some fairly significant changes on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Right-rail ads have disappeared, and on mobile, we’re seeing more prominent placement of Google Shopping ad units. In this article, I’ll cover some upcoming trends in paid search and speculate on where the trends will lead. Though I refer mostly…

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  • Get Your Priorities Straight: Structuring Google Shopping Campaigns

    … I’m a big fan of Google Shopping. As a user, it provides an easy-to-use platform for comparing products and prices at a glance. Instead of clicking through to eight different websites to find the item I want at the right price, I could make my choice before I even leave the search results page. Shopping campaigns are invaluable for any e…

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  • Google To Update Shopping Policy Center February 2016

    … Google’s Shopping Policy Center will get an update come February 2016. The new version, seen above, is currently in preview. Google announced the upcoming change in a Merchant Center help page, stating that the new Policy Center will provide: fewer and simpler Shopping policies more transparency into why we have each policy more insight…

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