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  • 3 Things I Learnt From Spamming Matt Cutts’ Blog

    … I absolutely love running random experiments in SEO. More so I like to keep an eye on others experiments and see how they worn and try and replicate them. In my books, it’s all part of being a competitive SEO. Keeping this in mind – imagine my pleasure at seeing a particularly interesting SERP by SEOmofo: The Worlds Greatest SEO? Here…

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  • Google Synonym Interpretation gone wrong.

    … Whats the Issue? Earlier today, I cam across an interesting Tweet: Baffled. Any ideas?? RT @WEBOSIS: Came across a seemingly non-sensical Google search result. Can anyone explain? Query: popkick vs enlight — CK Chung (@cKdisco) April 6, 2015 For those wondering or too lazy – these are the results for the query: Isn’t that interesting? Why…

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