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    • Get local help with your Google Assistant

      No matter what questions you’re asking—whether about local traffic or a local business—your Google Assistant should be able to help. And starting today, it’s getting better at helping you, if you’re looking for nearby services like an electrician, plumber, house cleaner and more. To get started, say “Ok Google, find me a plumber” to your Assistant on your Android phone, iPho ...

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    • Communicate around the house with the Google Assistant

      From dinner bells to shouting, attempting to gather the family from around the house is nothing new. And now, your Google Assistant is getting in on the game. Starting today, you can broadcast your voice from your Assistant on your phone or voice-activated speaker, like Google Home. So when you need to round up the family in the morning, just say “Ok Google, broadcast it’s t ...

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    • Scoring a touchdown with Google Home Mini

      Hey Google, who is Tony Romo? … I’m kidding! But if you do ask, Google will tell you that I'm a former quarterback who played my entire 14-year career in Dallas. When you're used to playing at the top of your game, it takes a ton of practice. I used to have my team behind me every day, but now as a TV analyst, I’ve got a new companion to help me out—my Google Home Mini.

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  • Brains, beauty and beats: Google Home Max is here

    … Just in time for the holidays, Google Home Max is now available online from the Best Buy, Google Store, Verizon and Walmart. Max brings together the convenience of controlling your music with your voice, with premium, high quality audio. Google Home Max sounds pretty amazing right out of the box because it’s our first speaker with Smart Sound…

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  • November Month In Numbers

    …2.7 Million The number of UK households actively using an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device at present. Kantar found that 22.2% of UK consumers also use a Virtual Assistant (such as Siri) on their smartphones. The latest Google development in voice search? Personalised local search results, rolling out before 2018. When looking for tradespeople…

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  • The Google Home app keeps getting better

    … Your Google Home and Chromecast are all set up and ready to go. Now, what to watch or listen to? The refreshed Google Home app makes it easier for you to find some of your favorite movies, shows and music. It’s not just a new look—we’ve added new smarts, too. Here are a few ways the updated Google Home app gives you a better browsing experience…

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  • Travel through Hawkins with new “Stranger Things” game for Google Home

    Do you have what it takes to be part of the Hawkins Middle School AV Club? Now you can find out with the new “Stranger Things” game, built exclusively for your Google Assistant on Google Home. Starting today, you can go on an interactive journey with Dustin and the kids of “Stranger Things” to turn your Google Home experience Upside Down. × If you’re in the U.S., U.K.

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  • Family fun with your Google Assistant on Google Home and phones

    … “Ok Google, what can you do for families?” Lots! The Google Assistant now has more than 50 new games, activities and stories designed for families with kids. Now you can learn, play and imagine together—available today in the U.S. with the Assistant on Google Home, other smart speakers and eligible phones. Monday musical chairs? Tuesday night…

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  • Google Home Mini has arrived—here’s what you can do with it

    … A few weeks ago we unveiled Google Home Mini, the newest addition to the Google Home family. About the size of a donut, it has all the smarts of the Google Assistant and gives you hands-free help in any room of your house. Starting today, you can grab it online from the Google Store or online or on shelves of Best Buy, Walmart, Target and other…

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  • Stream YouTube TV using your voice on Google Home

    … Google Home, Google Home Mini, and soon Google Home Max, let you enjoy your entertainment hands-free with the Google Assistant. With Chromecast, you can already stream your favorite YouTube clips, Netflix shows (if you have a subscription, of course), and more straight to your TV with a simple voice command. Starting today, voice control gets…

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  • Ok Google, let’s get spooky

    … It’s Friday the 13th and just a couple weeks ‘til Halloween. Whether you’d prefer to hand out candy, dress like a pirate or scare yourself silly, your Google Assistant can help you get in the spooky spirit: 🤖 "Ok Google, what should I be for Halloween?" 🎃 “Ok Google, get directions to the nearest pumpkin patch” 👹 "Ok Google, how do I…

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  • Welcoming Mini and Max to the Google Home family

    … Today, we’re welcoming two new products to the Google Home family: Google Home Mini is small and mighty for hands-free help in every room. And Google Home Max is our biggest and best-sounding Google Home ever. They’re both radically helpful, and packed with the power of the Google Assistant, including some brand new features. Google Home Mini…

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  • Must be the Music on Google Home

    … Finding and listening to your favorite music is one of the most popular things to do with the Assistant on Google Home. It’s always been a great speaker—and now it plays more tunes with new services from Deezer and Spotify, along with cool new ways to play and find your favorite music. First on the mic is Spotify Free— rolling out next week…

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  • Introducing free calls with your Assistant on Google Home

    … Hi, hello, hey, howdy … no matter how you start a call, your Google Assistant is ready to help! You can already ask your Assistant on your phone to make a call and soon, you'll be able to do the same on Google Home—hands-free—in the U.S. and Canada. Call anyone (at their home, on their mobile or at their office). It’s easy to use, and it’s free…

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  • Hands-free help for new parents

    … parents some much-needed help! And since you already have your hands full with a baby, bottles and more, we’re showing how your Google Assistant on Google Home can help give you answers STAT, hands free. So, for example, you can ask: When do babies start teething? How do I know if my baby is too cold? Why won’t my baby sleep…

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